My Kooba solution

  1. Well, I didn't end up getting my Kooba Sienna yet - too many fakes on ebay and I missed out at Active Endeavours (I live in Canada so a lot of other places don't ship to me.) :crybaby:

    So sad...I visit Sienna once a week at Holt Renfrew in Toronto but she's just out of my league! Maybe one day I'll get a fabulously well paying job, or she'll get marked down, but in the meantime, until that day comes, I have gone ahead and taken pre-emptive action. To aid in filling the void that she has left, I bought this Bulga bag:

    What does everyone think? It's totally cute! Great price and I hope it will aid in getting me over my separation from my Kooba Sienna! :yes:
  2. I'm not a huge fringe fan, but it is a cute young-looking bag, and hello, what a great price!
  3. Honestly, if you really love something, nothing will be able to replace it. However this may tide you over until you can find it.