My Kooba Sienna

  1. Hey everyone! I got a little antsy to buy a purse and went ahead with everone's advice and purchased a Sienna. I'm a bit paranoid, though. I bought it off eBay. I did a little research and heard the seller was reputable. Has anyone ever bought anything from VIPfashions? Is this Kooba authentic? I'm just really worried that there is something that I may be overlooking! Thanks for the help!
    sienna.jpg sienna2.jpg
  2. I bought my Kooba Parker from her. She's legit and you're going to love your new bag. :yes:
  3. Thank you! I feel very relieved already!
  4. Oooh nice buy jessie! :yes:
    I was watching that exact same purse from that buyer too, but I couldnt decide what to buy.
    I guessed you have shortened my list for me:biggrin:

  5. Yeah.....nice Kooba!!
  6. seems okay!
    doesnt look fake!
  7. You'll love it. I got mine a while ago but I find that I've been wearing it more and more lately.
  8. Love it! The Siennas are classic.
  9. Yes, VIPfashions has been named here several times as a reputable seller. You'll love your Sienna! Congrats!
  10. VIP is a totally reputable seller. I bought my Kooba Paige from her. I love my bag!

    She's on my favorites list for eBay sellers.

    Congrats on your new bag!
  11. Congratulations!! Reputable seller and beautiful bag, I just got my Sienna in Cognac couple of days ago, love it, that black one looks gorgeous:heart:
  12. it's a cute bag!
  13. Good seller. I love that bag! VIP also has an Expresso Sienna up but I'm just not crazy about that color. Good price too.
  14. The siennas are so cute!
  15. very nice. congrats. darn now i really want one too. :p i totally agree with cheekers, the siennas are classic.