My Kooba Peyton Bag!

Nov 29, 2006
Hi Gals,

Need some opinions on the Peyton bag I just picked up at Nordstrom tonight. I had my eyes set on the Alex (the bigger one) and the Peyton a while back last fall (2009). I was glad to find the Peyton on sale for $249! I wanted a black handbag that's kinda formal. Do you think it's a good purchase?! Any comments are welcomed!

Also I was hoping to buy the MARC by marc jacobs natasha bag....but sadly it's all sold out. How would you compare Natasha with Peyton?!



Nov 29, 2006
Hi Lucegoose,

Thanks for the suggestion! I did love Jacinda bag when it came out...I love the small and the big ones both....but I have a Lena bag which to me is a little similar to the Jacinda :smile:.


Jan 6, 2006
Wild Wonderful West Virginia
I've always wanted the Peyton. How is the leather on it? I always was concerned about how the top extends out with the zipper down the center. Is it weird to get in and out of? It's lovely on you.
Dec 18, 2007
I always liked this bag - reminds me old school Kooba designs. I'm curious about the quality of the leather. How does it stack up Lepetitangel?
Nov 29, 2006

I have two other Kooba bags....a brown Lena bag from 2006 and a clutch from 2007. I think the Lena has a thicker leather while the Peyton has thinner, glossier leather. Some people think the leather quality from 2006 is better than how it is now.....sometimes I feel that way too.

But I think for Kooba depending on the styles some bags are meant to be made with thinner leather.

I think Peyton quality is good. I've seen Alex (the biggier one) on sale at saks during the post-Christmas sale. For some reason it didn't feel as nice....but it could be that it was tossed around several times as people tried them on and were not careful.

Hope this helps :smile:.


Jun 6, 2009
Jacinda is just badass! LOL. I don't like belts but it really compliments the bag.
Lena looks heavy imo so I never got too into it... the belt looks awkward on the side pockets too.
Try the Paige? There are a few on ebay... I got one and I like it a LOT, but too much to where I am not taking it out enough bc I'm too scared I will destroy it fast. I don't have the funds to buy another handbag like so soon. Haha!
Nov 29, 2006
I actually like my lena the most...I guess you can say it looks heavy....but it's actually not too bad. I think the leather has more substance than the peyton. but they're just different types of bags.
I think some of the new lines this season leather seem thicker too. :smile:
Mar 2, 2007
New York City
Oh I love your Peyton purse! Thank you for the photos. I have been leaning towards smaller and smaller bags now and the Peyton looks like it has a good slouch so it will just smoosh right in underneath my arm.

Does anyone follow Kooba on facebook? They posted this photo of a brown bag that was featured in Lucky Magazine. It is so pretty and there is a matching cuff! I'm excited to see this one when it hits the stores.