My Kooba patent Natasha has arrived!!

  1. It is lovely, im too scared to use it though :shrugs:

    Photos soon. I cant find my camera!
  2. Did you get the Caramel? Don't suppose you can do much to protect patent leather, does it need protecting?

    Have a search for that camera, I'm dying to see it, LOL
  3. Oh I want to see it too. I bet in caramel it looks good enough to eat.
  4. Please post pics, I'm dying to see!
  5. here are some photos, please bear in mind im trying to figure out how to fold the sides neatly so they match both ends and im not having much luck :confused1:

    What do u think? be honest please. is it too much for me? apologies for the messy room
    bag006.jpg bag001.jpg
  6. I have seen the purse at Bloomies and it looks really nice, but on your pics it does look a bit 'unshapely'.

    Maybe someone here has this purse and can give you some pointers on you to fold it?? (Lets hope so :p)
  7. yeah i know, i have tried several times and its just not happening. Besides it being really uneven, does it look ok?
  8. oh belini! it's beautiful! it looks fab on you!
  9. It looks amazing! I really love it in patent leather.
  10. looks good! that is a really cute bag. I have been eyeing the ink leather Natasha, and now I'll be eyeing the caramel patent as well!
  11. Bags always look funny when they're hanging on something like a doorknob or propped up for a photo.

    I think it looks great on you, and perhaps the shape will even out as you carry it and break it in.
  12. Oh My....that color is TDF! It's gorgeous! Was your bag loaded when you took pics. Maybe if you fill it up it'll Fill on out :smile: It's soooo pretty.
  13. That is a GORGEOUS bag! It looks just like candy. Oh YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!:heart: :drool:
  14. Cute! Thanks for the pics. How does the patent leather feel?

    I noticed that Revolve now has the Natasha in black patent. Has anyone seen this in person?
  15. Surlygirl, do you think the ink is more blue than black? I can't tell from the pics online.