My Kooba Nina in Slate

  1. I picked this up last Thursday at the Saks final cut, and finally got some pics taken! She's just so gorgeous irl, and the leather is so yummy!

  2. Beautiful. It is such a pretty bag. I had it but it was too small for me. Isn't that chain neat? Heavy though huh?
  3. Hmm, I didn't find it heavy, but it doesn't even hold half of what I carry on an everyday basis, so that probably makes the difference in the weight!
  4. A very beautiful shade of grey, no doubt!!
  5. Congratulations. I always think the Nina looks so beautiful. The color is fabulous.
  6. What a beauty!!
  7. Beautiful - how much was she with the final cut? thanks!
  8. Congrats! She's a looker!
  9. Thanks everybody, I am really loving her!

    She was right at $180 with taxes. $169 and some change before taxes.
  10. That was one heck of a sweet deal, I say!!
  11. Just such an incredible color!!! :tup:
  12. beautiful! Congrats on your purchase :smile:
  13. Wow!!! It is Gorgeous! Enjoy.

  14. What a score - congrats!!!
  15. Lovely, congratulations!!