My Kooba Nicole and my personal Model

  1. I took a few pics of my Nicole tonight. I love the bag. Nice soft leather that I found can be smushed and look more like the Elux pic. I got Hubby to be my model. So now you can judge this bag on a person of more Average size. My hubby is not a waif thin size 2 model and I think he wears the bag well....LOL Probably there is not many of you who are 6'4" and 250 lbs so take that in consideration...LOL





  2. What a beautiful bag and what a good sport! Love the color, the style and it certainly is a nice size bag. He let you take pics from every angle and what a good job he did. You, too. You picked a good guy and some gorgeous bags. What more can a woman want?
  3. I love it. Funny enough, I just bought my first Kooba, the same Nicole you have, but in ivory. I love mine too!
  4. Congrats! The bag is beautiful. I just got to check it out today at my local Nordstrom and the Nicole in Luggage will be next on my list. Your DH is such a good sport! Thanks for the pics!
  5. haha aww your hubby is so sweet to model it! :smile:

    It looks great! its a lot bigger then i thought it would be if he is over 6 ft!

    Lexie did u get it from the same eBay seller you got the elisha?!
  6. Wow, how nice of your Dh! I should show these pics to my Dh. If a 6'4 250lb man can model a bag, he can too! Anyway, the bag is actually a lot bigger than I thought. Or is it b/c you took a close-up pic? On Elux, the model holding the bag seem so much smaller. Which other Kooba bag would you compare it to (size wise)?
  7. Great pics! Your DH is a very good sport and he's got the Active Endeavors poses down. You got a good one, there.

    Very cute bag!
  8. Yes Bessie, I got it from LNinos. It's a large bag but maybe the closeup pics do skew perception a bit. It also will smush in the center and look more sac like if it isn't stuffed. It's rather lightweight. If I had to compare it??? It's really in a class by itself. All I can say for sure is that it is a little smaller than my Husbands Butt!!!! LOLOL
  9. He modelled that very well!:biggrin: Can't imagine I would get DH to do that...So this bag is light, Lexie? (You know how I have an issue with the heaviness of the Koobas, if these new bags are lighter, I'm gonna go for one (I asked this in a different thread, but now I can't find the damned thing...) Also have you got any in the Rose colour yet?, looks really lovely in the photos:love:
  10. Oh yes, it is on the light side. I'm going to venture to say about Sienna weight or a tad lighter. The leather is very soft. It is not heavy at all on your shoulder.

    I will have my Nicole in Rose coming Monday but I'm going to turn around and sell it on eBay because I ordered a Charlie in Rose. I decided I can't have 2 bags same style different colors so this works things out for me. Plus I really became attracted to the Charlie after all.

    Hubby is a sweetheart. You should have seen him modeling the HH Lorca in Plum! LOLOL It just is so cute and funny. A Big guy like that modeling women's handbags...LOL Of course you notice his face is always obscured to protect his masculinity!! LOL This is a man who refuses (REFUSES) to use an Attache case for work because "men don't do those kind of things".
  11. OK, I just got out my Sienna and Yes, the Nicole is definitely lighter. Not a huge amount but lighter. It has very smushy leather (mine does anyway). Not B-Bag leather but soft compared to Lena or the Pebbled Leathers Kooba had last fall.
  12. ^^^LOL, talked about "men handbags" with DH yesterday, just said I felt these days men have a lot to carry as well, what with a cell phone, keys, wallet, PDA, can't stuff it all in your pockets... and he mentioned a guy he'd seen (he's in Singapore at the moment) with a LV mono messenger bag strapped across his body. "Looked really stupid", was DH's take on that, so I don't expect to see him with a bag in the near future...LOL

    Please post pics when you get your Charlie in Rose and tell us exactly what kind of pink it is (looks like a soft, dusty pink in the photos, which would be great)
  13. Leather sounds really nice, glad they got away from the thicker one I have on the Lena. Love how that bag looks and it's great with jeans, but think I would use it more if it wasn't so heavy..Thanks for getting the Sienna out to compare (wish they would get soft, smooth Sienna's again in all the colours...:smile:)
  14. Priceless pics, (and the bag is gorgeous)

    Thanks for the smile. :biggrin:
  15. Lexie, I know you are the queen, but how many Koobas do you own?????:yahoo: