My Kooba Maria in Tobacco arrived....

  1. As many of you know, I bid on a Kooba Maria in tobacco on eBay. At first a lot of us were rather sceptical as the Maria was never released in tobacco, but communication with the seller (by Lexie and myself) convinced us that it was a genuine Kooba. It transpires that it was a prototype that never went into production, so the tobacco Maria I have is a rare beast. Anyway, I thought I'd share some photos of my latest love. The leather is simply divine....
    KoobaMaria0.JPG KoobaMaria1.JPG KoobaMaria2.JPG KoobaMaria3.JPG
  2. I have to say I absolutely adore this bag, it is wonderful.

    Last three pics....
    KoobaMaria6.JPG KoobaMaria4.JPG KoobaMaria5.JPG
  3. It's gorgeous. Aren't you tickled pink that you have a one of a kind bag? Maybe there is a few more out there somewhere but not many for sure. The leather is so nice. You got a good one there!
  4. Lexie, I'm so tickled pink that I couldn't help myself and bid on the Ginger in tobacco that the seller had listed on eBay. I won the auction just 4 hours ago. You cannot imagine how amazed I am with this Maria, it's absolutely divine. :yahoo: I keep wanting to rub up against it. I think I'm getting a Kooba leather fetish :wtf:
  5. I love it, Minimouse!

    I'm envious, I just have the run of the mill terraine, and you have a unique, lovely color.

    Wear her in good health, she's a real keeper!
  6. Rosenpetals, terraine is fabulous in it's own right. If I hadn't found this tobacco, I would have searched high and low for a terraine. I would have loved it just as much. I still want a terraine something (once hubby has got over the shock of all these new Koobas I've been buying).
  7. And you got that Ginger too? I was watching that one since you mentioned it being listed by the same seller. The color is wonderful, so I don't blame you for wanting both. Keep us updated on which you like better!

    Lucky girl..:tup:

    Oh, I love my terraine Maria the best of all my Kooba's. But I want to just feel yours! LOL
    It looks so sumptuous!
  8. I know, I know I'm greedy, but having felt the Maria in tobacco and fallen in love with the deliciously supple and highly scented leather, I couldn't resist the Ginger. I figure when I need a 'big bag day' then the Ginger will work, otherwise I'll be able to use the Maria.

    Normally I keep my bag on the carpet by my desk at work, but right now I can't help but elevate my Maria to a spot on my desk, so I can drool all day long!
  9. If your hubby is anything like mine, similar bags can be a big bonus. I bought a couple of Sienna's & a Scarlett in browns & green & he can't tell the difference in color, (he's color-blind) so i'm safe there. Now a different style might be a BIG problem.

    Your hubby might be hesitant to question you when a slightly bigger bag in the same color arrives on the kitchen table...Hey we gals have to be creative, right? These men would never understand why on earth we need bags of the same style or color.

    But we have to have what we have to have...
  10. Oh wow, I love that Tobacco Maria! Its smokin'...:p
    And you nabbed that Ginger too! I think the Tobacco shade looks great on the Ginger. I havent been too fond of the Ginger generally, but the leather and shade really 'makes' it.

    I wonder why Kooba didnt release the Tobacco shade? Mind you, it looks similar to the Fall 'Cuoio' (or however you spell it..hehe) so maybe they have seen the light.
    So am I right in thinking that you have two Jillians on the way too? are a true Kooba addict.
  11. Yep, I think Mini is an official KOOBA HO now!!! Now we have to find her a reasonably priced Bourbon Frankie.
  12. You girls are so funny... Kooba Ho :yahoo: that's me... I have a title at last!

    Yep, two Kooba Jillians waiting in the States for me. My pal is going to bring them out to Saudi in August or September, when she visits her hubby here. I seriously can't wait, but how the heck I'm going to explain those to hubby is another matter. If he was colorblind like Rosenpetal's hubby then perhaps I could get away with him thinking I only have one Jillian, but he's got 20/20 vision and is definitely the sharpest tool in the shed. I'm convinced he got a GPA4 in handbag observation!!!

    If hubby asks why a ginger in the same color and similar style as the Maria, I'll just tell him there are times I need a bag big enough to hold his wallet and his sunglasses in :tup:
  13. Kooba Ho! That's funny!!
  14. Mini-
    it's gorgeous!!! I love love the color!!! congrats - are you not loving it? :smile: I am so happy it arrived safe. Makes me want a Terrain bag! Isn't the leather delicious?

    oh btw, am glad you didn't get the Ginger- I love it, don't get me wrong, but it is heavy and hurts my shoulder some when carrying it a long time. I think my next Kooba will be a smaller one.
  15. Oh Mini, it's just gorgeous. :tup: I am so jealous. What a great find and you have the Ginger on the way too in that color? Great finds. Too bad they didn't make more in that color, I really like it!!