My Kooba is missing ...

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  1. Fedex dropped my new Sienna on my porch and someone stole it b/c we weren't home. NM said I need to wait 11 days to file a claim. Anyone know what more I can do???
  2. OMG! Your post caught my eye as I just got a new Kooba Sienna! That is awful!

    Can you go around asking your neighbors if they saw anyone on your porch?
  3. That's aweful, perhaps you should file a claim with fedex too and notify the police?
  4. OMG ... i feel so sorry for u dear.. hope it appears again

    i agree with Rose
  5. Oh, no! I'm sorry to hear that! Hope it works out...I, too, agree with Rose
  6. I really don't like this at all. UPS is constantly leaving pkgs on my porch. I'd rather companies give you the option of USPS with signature. Once I even had UPS tell me they delivered my pkg already but I never recieved it. Luckily a nice man in a neighboring city called and told UPS they put a box on his porch and it wasn't his. Our last names were the same and since the first delivery guy couldn't find my house he just put in a search and came up with the closest match, even though the cities were totally wrong.
  7. Can't you ask Neiman's to require signature w/their delivery? It would cost more, but I would be surprised if they didn't even offer the option!
  8. I am surprised that USPS didn't take more care either. I too have been victim of people stealing packages off my porch. I'm so sorry...I hope everything works out.

  9. I am so sorry this happened to you. I went through the same thing with USPS they said my bag was delievered and we never got it, now it is lost and will never be found. File and claim and contact the police if you can! Good luck
  10. I always cringe when I have to use FedEx. Even though we have packages sent from FedEx that require a signature, the guy always just drops it off our porch. It's so frustrating! There was even one point he rang the doorbell (my mother and I were at home), and he was already at his van! He just said, "Oh, I just dropped something off at your door." At least he closes our gate to our door...

    USPS so far has never given me problems...yet.
  11. So, my neighbor just dropped off my bag (she was worried w it just sitting on the porch) ... and then I opened it. It is smelly, dirty, the inner lining is ripped AND someone left some items in the bag. So ... NM sent me a used, damaged purse. They are crediting my account, but needless to say, I am quite irked.
  12. Ack - I feel bad for you Courtina - what a hassle! I'm lucky that we don't have things stolen off front porches in our neighborhood, however, that wasn't always true. A few years ago, a mother and her son would steal people's mail from their mailboxes, and when they got a credit card number, they'd order things online, having the orders sent to the cardholders' addresses. Then, after a reasonable amount of time, they'd follow the delivery trucks around and steal the packages from the front porches. What a scam! But they were caught and there hasn't been a problem since. If I had to be home to sign, or go to the post office to pick up packages, that would curtail my online shopping tremendously. It would no longer be a convenient way to shop.
  13. I cannot believe they sent you a bag in that condition!!!!!!!!
    I hope they gave you an excellent credit. I might go so far as to return the one you got for a brand new one.

  14. I am just dropping it off tomorrow in the post office. The customer sales rep said to take pictures of it including the dirty exterior, ripped lining and stuff the last lady left in the bag. It just was one big hassle. I can't believe they did not even look inside to see the stuff before shipping it out!!!
  15. Yikes! I can't believe they sent a bag int hat condition either!!!