My Kooba has arrived!!! what do you think?

  1. After what seemed like ages, the red elisha finally came, i could smell the leather from miles away!

    It is a lovely bag, fits alot more than my old one and its a nice tame red! I want to undo the bow but im scared i wont be able to get it back to how it was.

    I took it for a test run at lunch time at work and i found though it fell off my shoulder often. Am i just wierd??i think i must me. Its also deeper and bigger than my other one so im going to have to get used to the fact that if i want something from it and walk at the same time it wont happen, ill have to stop, remove it from my shoulder, dig in and get what i need. I realised this when i went to run for my bus and tried to reach into the bag while running and ended up tripping :cursing: .

    It has a few discolourations though, as in lighter patches. Do other Elisha red owners have that?

    Im so excited, its like ive become a new person!! Having a new bag after the same old for a few years is an amazing experience.

    I just would like to say THANK YOU so much to all you gals. It would not have happened without all your feedback and advice.

    Here are some photos, sorry they are not the best quality. Can someone tell me also how i would take a photo with it on my shoulder and upload it and remove my face from it? i want to show you all with it on my shoulder so i can ask you guys if you think its too big on me.

    thanks again everyone!
    IMGP0031_resize.jpg IMGP0030_resize.jpg
  2. It's beautiful! Really!

    What a wonderful Summer bag for you. Enjoy!
  3. Very nice bag, congratulations!!
  4. Gorgeous! Mine has some color variations throughout. I like that because if a mark gets on it, it's going to blend in rather than stick out like a sore thumb on a pristine smooth evenly colored bag. I like the distressed look this bag has naturally.
  5. Oh it's just lovely! Congrats to you. :yes:
  6. Congratulations, Belini, glad you're happy! I actually quite like the different variations in the leather, these are casual bags, should get even better with time:yes:
  7. Gorgeous!! Congratulations!

    My Bonnie has discolorations too, sounds like it's normal!
  8. My suggestion if you don't want to have your face in the picture is to get someone to take the shot from your shoulders down. That's the easiest way without having to find out what photo editor you use and walking you through it.
  9. Congrats Belini! Welcome to the world of Kooba! ;)
  10. I got my Elisha a few weeks ago and I was also afraid of untying the knot, so what I did was just loose it up a little bit and adjust. I know what you mean about the digging....I actually got a little light that I keep clipped in the inside pocket as my black Elisha has a dark brown interior...its pretty hard to find stuff in there without it.

    But after all I love it. And I just keep stuff that I need to find quick in the side pockets (keys, cell phone)

    I am sure you are going to learn to love it. :heart:
  11. It's hot!:nuts:
  12. Congrats Belini, very pretty bag :smile:
  13. Very pretty!!Beautiful color. Can't wait for more pictures. I would like to see how big the bag is.
  14. Another red Elisha owner.. congrats Belini! I'm so jealous of all of you!
  15. I really like it! Definitely a wonderful bag to have to make your outfit really pop :smile: