My Kooba family

  1. Hi,

    Years ago I had a Kooba obsession which led me to have quite a little Kooba family. I believe these are the style names. Would appreciate thoughts on if I should hold on to them or consider selling or trading? They are all in very good to excellent condition as I rarely use them now and they are nicely kept in their original dustbags. Oh and if someone can also confirm what year these came out and if I got the style names right, that would be great. I love them all though :smile:

    Jacie - white
    Roni - black
    Mattie - black
    Jaylin (with detachable shoulder strap) - black
    Jacinda - purple/lavender
    Penelope(?) - a black leather clutch with silver hardware/chain that came out the same season
    as the others


    PS: I'll try to post pics over the weekend.