My Kooba collection

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  1. Remember the damage I did from '05-'06...I must take it easy in '07!!
    I'm not off to a very good start!
    My bag obsession started last year :crybaby:

    1) Black Lucy**:s
    2) Ebano Paige-so beautiful
    3) Olive Sienna-smoooooth
    4) Nutmeg Scarlett
    5) Cream Scarlett-loooooooove
    6) Bourbon Paige**:s
    7) Champage/Silver color chiara
    8)Brown Leather Frankie**:s
    9) Rose Python Jessie--great little bag! love the color like WashedRose MJ
    10) Desert Marcelle- haven't worn it yet but can't wait ;)
    11) Brown/Champage Taylor**:s

    I have bought all of these since June '05. Thank you sample sales.:shame::shame:

    Other bags I bought this year:
    Gucci Shopper Tote monogram GG canvas
    Rafe Turquose leather bag
    Fendi elbow-held duffle bag black
    Isabella Fiore black detailed bag
    Marc Jacobs Sophia Washed Rose
    Marc Jacobs Sophia Indigo
    Botkier E/w Black Trigger Satchel
    Botkier Rust Bombay Tote
    ..more but I can't remember LOL
  2. Oh Wow...a girl with my own heart. You have nearly caught up with me. But I have 1 up on you for an even dozen Koobas. I just adore these bags and I think the most appealing thing is their leather.
    My favs are my Raisin Jessie. It is a great bag isn't it and I love those 4 pockets. I love my Terraine Maria, and my Army metallic Sienna & Scarlett (the bag that started it all). Oh...can't leave out my Jillian. And isn't that Frankie a great bag with 3 compartments? Mine is in Bourbon. I don't think I will ever lose my love for them.

    Like yourself I also like Botkiers and IF bags but gotta add Grysons to that too.

    I know you want to take it easy but Kooba has some stunners in their Spring line. I MUST get one of them at least.
  4. (eyes green with envy) Love Koobas here, too. But I only have a mere four...Sienna in Moss, Nisha in Toffee, Renee in Mocha and Champagne and a Paige in Black...I don't think that I will ever catch up with you lucky ladies. Especially since the Paige is going back to Saks. It is way too big for this small framed gal. It is a huge bag and quite heavy. It's a beauty but not right for me. I'm keeping my eyes on the sales but are unsure which one to choose next. Enjoy your Koobas, gals!