My Kooba arrived!

  1. Hi everyone,

    My Chestnut Ginger arrived today... but I'm a little concerned. When I took the Ginger out of the box, I thought it was absolutely beautiful. However, I did notice some "darker" areas on the bag that seemed to be ink marks or something close to that. Also, I noticed that there seemed to be light "scratches" across the bag, and at first I had no clue what it was. I gently ran my fingernail (very very gently) across the surface, and it left a lighter scratch mark like the ones that I had seen! If I rubbed it away with a cloth, it went away, but it would always come back if I ran my nail across it again.

    Do your Chestnut Gingers all do the same thing? I don't know if I should keep it or return it and just buy another Ginger... I have a 3 day return policy. Please help! :hrmm: Thank you.

    P.S. I never saw any discolorations (dark spots, light spots that look like splotches) on the eBay pictures, and I definitely didn't see any scratch marks on the bag, either. I'm a little disappointed :sad:
  2. wf, in my experience (which is not all that substantial) the leather on the Koobas tend to have variations in the leather and get lines's just part of the Koobas..and IMO add to the charm..
  3. Hi everyone! I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but the Kooba also has some darker areas on the bag. I know that genuine leather has slight color variations because of the dye process, but I wanted to make sure if these variations were considered normal. Can you ladies please take a look? Thanks sooo much!

    The first two pictures are of the closeup where the dark spots are.
    picture1.jpg picture 2.jpg picture3.jpg picture4.jpg picture5.jpg
  4. One more!
  5. Thanks Whiteflowers for your post because you saved me some money. The scratching and the dark spots I wouldn't be happy with. SO...I ordered a Terraine off of Bluefly. 390 but I used that promo code for 15% off and got it for 338. The Bluefly Rep said they had about 100 Terraine bags. I know I love the Terraine leather where it is heavily distressed so scratches don't mean anything.
  6. Hi everyone -- I've decided that I'm going to send the bag back, because I PM'd Bessie and she said that her bag didn't have dark splotches, and that it was just probably the individual bag. Thanks so much to all who helped me!
  7. Have to admit, white flowers, those dark patches seemed a bit unusual..I'm bidding on a Chestnut Carla at the moment, the photos look good, hope I don't have any trouble with this bag...except I just saw someone say the handle on the Carla were stiff and awkward..will just have to wait and see:shrugs:
  8. Thanks so much maggie. I've decided that I'm going to return the bag and see about getting another one. :smile: