My Kooba Ali Arrived!! :)

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  1. First of all, thank for the previous replies! She looks great to me!! Would like your thoughts though. The leather smells yummy! It feels thick yet soft. The gold dust color in my photos is off....I am not the best photographer! Kooba is also imprinted into the big clasp as sorta seen in my one photo. I know some say they don't like this style but that's what appealed to's so NOT like my other bags and feels great next to my body. Well.....take a look and THANKS!!:yahoo:
  2. Oooh, I'm intrigued by that color. Do you have any modeling pics? It looks pretty...
  3. Hi! we are!! (thanks for asking!)
  4. Wow! It's much more attractive in 'real life' pics than in stock photos. I'm impressed! That gold is really pretty!

    Say, were you the lucky one who nabbed it at an unbelievable price on eBay? If so.... well done!!!! :tup:

    Nice butterfly, btw. ;)
  5. wow....the bag looks awesome on you and the color is TDF! congrats!!
  6. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous! I want one! How does it open? Do you unsnap the crossover strap and kind of unfold it open? (I guess that sounds odd, but I'm trying to figure out how you get inside it!)

    -My Sharona
  7. Absolutely GORGEOUS! It looks wonderful on you. If you were the one who snagged this from eBay you did a FINE job, great deal! Wear her in good health.
  8. it looks GREAT on you!