My Kooba Alex & Breast Cancer Awareness Scarf

  1. Hubby thinks the bag is BRIGHT! It is....but in a closet full of black and browns it sure does shine and is so pretty for Spring.
    The Scarf is for my Mom, and my Best Friend, and any woman who has had to face Breast Cancer square in the face and tell it to "GO TO HELL!!!"

    Kooba Alex.JPG
  2. I love it. Viciousbliss needs to see your Alex...she's been eyeing one on bluefly. It looks so much better in your photo than it does on the bluefly site.
  3. Cute bag...and that scarf is just the right accent. Wear it in good health, Lexie.
  4. Oh Lexie, I love it!

    And breast cancer....GO TO HELL!
  5. I adore it, great message too.
  6. Perfect!
  7. Bright but very beautiful... inside and out b/c of the message behind it :smile:
  8. That is gorgeous! Where's the scarf from?
  9. love it!!
  10. Love the bag and scarf!
  11. eBay. I just searched scarf +breast. It cost me 6.00 total. There's a bunch on there and on all other kinds of sites too.
  12. What a neat thing to do!!!!!!!!!
  13. I love that, it's such a great way to show support!
  14. Well you know I love that bag. :yes: I hope you don't mind, Lexie, but I'm going to try and copy you on the scarf. I want one on my Alex too.
  15. That bag is BEAUTIFUL !!!!! Love it love it love it- the scarf just adds so much extra punch !!!!! Gorgeous !!!