My kitty is sick :(

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  1. Hey girls, I'm aware that I should take my questions to a vet, but currently it's 1am and I don't have any other options so if you girls can help me in any little way possible that would be great :smile:

    Ok, so kitty threw-up today for the first time ever, it was really gross and surprising and I'm not sure what caused it. He threw up about three times pretty much in a row, he tried to eat his throw up (it was clear liquid and half digested marigold type chunks); nonetheless, he is still hungry and has been eating and drinking normally and still being a ruckus like always:roflmfao:

    I have some theories as to why it could have happened, 1) he's having a reaction a bit of leftover mac and cheese i had left on the table that he sneakily ate when I wasn't looking 2) He's been drinking out of the toilet (ewww I know!) We've been trying to actively closed the bathroom door/close the lid on the toilet but sometimes we forget.

    What should I do? He is insured by banfield but they aren't open until Monday and I can't take him to an emergency clinic because between my sister and I we only have around $45 and all of the clinics around here charge $100 just to be seen :crybaby::crybaby:

    He seems like he's fine, playing around and being a menace like always :roflmfao: but is there anything more I can do for my kitty? Any little tip would help ladies. TIA :flowers::flowers:
  2. The problem could be the two things you listed..hard to say. Also, was there any hair in the throw up? Sometimes they get hairballs and just need to throw it up. The good thing is he appears to be acting normally....I'd just keep an eye on him and make sure he's behaving normally(and eating and going to the bathroom without any trouble). Perhaps call your vet on Monday and run all this by them. Good Luck and please let us know how your sweetie is.
  3. Thanks Kristal :biggrin:

    He has been behaving normally and pooping normally, So I'm not as worried as I was before.

    I'm just afraid he'll get sick before he gets neutered and I don't want to postponed his appointment since I've already done so twice, and of course I don't want him getting sick since he's the baby of the household :smile:

    He is a short-hair, so I don't think that hairballs are the problem but there were no hairs (or none that I saw lol) in his vomit.
  4. ^Any updates on your kitty?
  5. Hey there!

    It doesn't sound like anything to worry about too much, a lot of cats throw up quite regularly (very often for human standards): one of my cats will throw up if he launched himself on the food and ate too fast, for example.
    Don't worry too much, I've had cats for 20 years now and I cleaned my share of strange liquids:P
    Very responsible of you to keep a close eye on your kitty tho:tup:

    Keep us posted!
  6. He possibly has a hairball that will come up eventually. Short hairs get hairballs too.
    Both our cats are short hairs, and believe me, they get hairballs - they hate to be brushed.
    Sorry about being gross, but they'll throw up what looks like water a couple times,
    then the next time a huge hairball.

    Or it could be the macaroni and cheese. One of our cats, Clarisse, has a very
    sensitive stomach - just about any human food will make her throw up.

    How's he doing????
  7. Thank for your thoughts and concern girls :flowers:

    Pepe's doing fine. He hasn't thrown up since and he's been his loveable old self. I spoke with my vet yesterday and he said that it seems like nothing was wrong especially since he was eating and drinking and had no other ominous symptoms except the vomit and that it's something that's going to happen but no to worry since he had no other symptoms. Thanks again for all your help girls :biggrin:
  8. It sounds like he is working on a good hair ball. To help him pass it, just put some vaseline on his paws. He'll immediately lick it off because of the weird sensation. It should 'grease up' his system, so he can poop out the hairball (sorry to be gross). You may also want to elevate his food too. This will force him to slow down his eating; thus, preventing any vomitting from eating too fast.
  9. I'm a huge believer in giving my cat flaxseed oil in her food. I give her one teaspoon every couple of days. It really helps with hairballs!

    And yes, my vet okayed it and said it was fine to give cats, it won't hurt them and is good for them due to its antioxidants.
  10. Glad your Kitty is OK.
  11. I'm so glad your cat is fine, my boys drink out of the toilet also.:roflmfao: They learned it from our dog that took them under her wing as a second mom.Now that I think about it I don't think they really do it anymore but for a while it was funny and annoying to walk in the room and catch them in the act.
  12. glad all was well..:tup::yahoo:
  13. Thanks girls for your concern :flowers:

    Good to know it's not just my cat, although we don't have any dogs so god know where he learned it :roflmfao: I think my kitty is a little strange since all water fascinates him, he actually likes taking baths! It's a cute (albeit ewwww) little quirk of his :biggrin:

    also, Thanks girls for the hairball tips. I'm going out to buy some flaxseed oil or vaseline (whichever I see first lol) :tup:
  14. Your cat is crazy, and you're lucky!:upsidedown: Mine will tolerate a bath but they look so unhappy. One of them loves to sit in the wet bathtub after someone takes a shower though.:graucho:
  15. Glad your kitty is OK. Vomiting is just something cats do. I wouldn't worry unless he isn't eating or drinking and appears lethargic. We have 7 cats so there is generally a pool of vomit to clean up daily from one or the other of them. My Laslo will eat so fast and so much sometimes that he will turn away from the food bowl, take two steps, and puke up evertything he just ate. It drives my DH crazy!

    FYI, since I switched my kitties to an indoor-cat formula dry cat food the vomiting has markedly decreased.