My kitty is sick!

  1. My cat Flash had to have a catheter put in on Wednesday for a blocked urinary tract. He got to come home today, but I think he is blocking up again. He just spent 20 minutes in one litter box, and only produced a little clump--about the size of a silver-dollar pancake. Now he's in another litter box. The veterinarian is going to meet us at the animal hospital tomorrow morning at nine, so I guess I had better get to bed and try to sleep. Please pray for my poor little buddy. :sad:
  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty, I hope that everything goes alright with the vet tomorrow. I know that one of my parent's cat's was having a problem with his urinary tract being blocked, the vet said that he has a problem with his kidneys and is on and off medication for it, they also were able to switch his food to another type (something organic, not sure why it needed to be organic) this seems to have helped as well. He's had kidney problems for 4 or 5 years now and with the combination of the medicine and food he's doing just fine. Hugs to you and your kitty, I hope that everything goes well.
  3. I will pray for your little kitty. *HUGS*:heart:
  4. Thanks, guys! Whew! Crisis averted. He was able to urinate overnight; the vet saw him and thinks he may still have inflammation from the catheter. He also may have still had some crystals he was trying to pass. The vet gave him a steroid shot and we're to keep an eye on him.
  5. Hope your kitty gets to feeling better! :flowers:
  6. Hope your kitty recovers soon!
  7. I hope everything clears up!
  8. Hi There!! I am glad your kitty is doing better. I am sure she is going to be fine but in case you didn't read my post this sounds very similar to what happened to my poor Smokey just 3 weeks ago. He was fine and got his last shot and then it went down hill. This isn't to scare you at all!!! I KNOW YOUR KITTY WILL BE PERFECT IN A FEW DAYS!! The only reason I bring this up is did you have a blood test done? We only had a urine test and the vet was treating him for the FLUTD and he was doing great so they never did a blood test and because of that we had no idea there was internal battle going on from complications to the FLUTD.

    I promise you I only bring this up because if I had known . . .I would have demanded a blood test just to make sure we were treating the real problem and not making something else worse. I had no idea that his kidneys were struggling with the treatments for FLUTD and the inflammation. Everyday I convience myself that if only I had requested a blood test he would still be here . . .I beat myself up everyday so it is worth the $$. Just to be sure.

    Like I said I KNOW Flash will be ok but I just felt I needed to give you a heads up for the blood test. Just incase. I am sure your probably already had one :smile:
  9. Thanks, I will keep that in mind. I'm keeping an eye on him. You're right. I have a cat who was diagnosed with kidney problems years ago.
  10. I too am praying for your kitty. I have 10 cats myself and 1 dog, and I am a nervous wreck everytime there's something wrong with any of them.

    Hang in there girl.. I hope your kitty will be okay in no time :smile:
  11. I hope the vet recommended that you change his diet, too. I had a male cat once who went through the same thing a couple of times but once we changed him to a special urinary-tract-health diet he was fine. FYI I also had a female cat display symptoms of urinary tract blockage but it turns out she was having a reaction to the type of kitty litter I was using--I was trying out that litter with the crystals in it and she didn't like it! Once I switched back to my usual brand she was fine.