My Kitties Story--thought i would share!

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  1. We have a total of 5 kitties:

    Mimi 6 yrs old- girl
    Big Boy 10 months- boy
    Whiskers 10 months- boy
    Cliff 10 months- boy
    Slim 10 months- boy

    All of the boys are brothers:yes:

    Well when the little boy kitties were about 5 months old we let them outside. I didn't want them to but at the time they were not my cats. My mother in law had brought them home to keep the snakes away from the house since we are out in the middle of nowhere. And on top of it they weren't going to get them fixed! Which made me so mad! lol ack! But anyways they were so scared to be outside. They would crawl up inside the lawnmower and hide:crybaby:

    Well oneday they were doing construction on our road and the kitties weren't on our pourch. So we just figured they had gone on an adventure. The whole night went by and they never came home...i was so scared!! My father in law went out for a walk and our dog started barking hesterically. He had found Big Boy all scratched up and bleeding. So my father in law brought him back and I cleaned him up. Then after that it was about 6pm at night and I went out looking for them. One of our neighbors pulled up and said he had found one of our cats. The WITCH next door to us had RAN HIM OVER!!!!! Thank God he was still alive.

    And thankfully our neighbor found him. When we got to him he could barely breathe...i was so scared. I got home and called the vet....thankfully the only thing that was wrong was that he had a detached lip. 600 bucks later he was okay:yahoo:

    After another day passed we still couldn't find the other two kitties. So my mother in law and i decided to go over that :cursing: itches house that ran over little whiskers to see if she had seen our cats. She pretended like she didn't even know what we were talking about! Does she not have a heart??? she didn't even say sorry or feel guilty???? then another night passed and still we hadn't found them. My sister in law decided to go out for a walk and thank goodness found the poor little things in a drain pipe!!!!

    It is safe to say they are NEVER going outside again! After they were all home safe and sound i went and got them fixed...and all five kitties are going to be moving in with my fiance and i when we move out of here in a few months! I will never let this happen again. It broke my heart. I've also attached a picture of little whiskers after he got home from the Vet. His poor little lip:crybaby: And a picture of him today:yes:
    littlewiskers.jpg whiskerstoday.jpg
  2. Awww, what a sad story! I'm glad to hear they are all ok now and going to be in a good home. :smile: Whiskers is adorable!!
  3. Thank u! :yes:
  4. awww you are such an angel! Whiskers is adorable! The poor dears, they have been through so much!
  5. I heart Whiskers!
  6. I'm glad the kitties are with you now!
  7. I never had cats growing up due to allergies, but DH was a big cat person as a child. Apparently he's had several bad 'outdoor kitty' experiecnes that have scarred him for life, so when we adopted our two kitties there was no way he was letting them out of the house. I'm so glad your kitties are ok!
  8. whiskers is soo cute!! thank god they are OK. my chloe is 4 months younger than ur whiskers! :p
  9. Poor babies! I'm glad they are able to stay inside now.
  10. OMG so upsetting! It's so good to hear they are indoor cats now.
  11. What a sad story:crybaby: I am just happy to hear they are all okay and will be safe with you and your SO. I don't ever let my kitties outside. We built a 4 season porch for our 3 and I got a cat condo for my birthday last year, which is out there for them to sleep on when it is nice out.