My kitties (burned kitty update too)

  1. Hey ladies! Just thought I'd post some pics of my girls in their new kitty condo. The burned one, Dolce, is doing great-- she is starting to get hair regrowth on her scar-- but it's so funny! It's growing back gray! So she's getting a gray streak. But she's fat and happy, and she and the other kitty (Gabbana; Gabby) are like... best friends. So here they are! :tender: :girlsigh:
    PA150078.JPG PA150079.JPG PA150080.JPG
  2. It looks like they are taking to their kitty condo quite well! It's great that they are such buds, although it looks like Miss Dolce called the Penthouse on the condo already!
  3. :shame: I just noticed the popcorn on the floor in the pic. I was eating some and always leave some for the kitties, they love it. And yeah, Dolce has control of the penthouse suite :roflmfao:
  4. Oh Razor! Dolce is gorgeous, and she healed wonderfully. Thank you so much for caring for her!
  5. Thanks for the update. Glad to hear they're doing well.
  6. Awww I love hearing updates on these two! I can only imagine how happy little Dolce is now, knowing how tough life can be.
  7. They are so sweet! And you are a sweetie for taking them in!
  8. They look so sweet! I'm so glad Dolce is doing well...they look very happy. :smile:
  9. Glad to see Dolce healing so well and that both kitties have become buddies.
  10. Aww, look at the girls, so happy!!! Way to go momma!
  11. How precious!! They look so happy!
  12. Awww, thanks for the pics, Sarah. They all like to look out the window, don't they? I wish dogs would entertain themselves the way cats do.

    They are thriving under your loving care.:heart:
  13. I. Love. Your Signature.
  14. Thanks!!!! It has really become an epidemic in our great state!
  15. Ohhh I love your updates! Your kitties are absolutely adorable! I live right on the Oklahoma-Arkansas border and I agree about the Nutt epidemic...he's gotta go ASAP! Even though I'm a diehard Sooner fan, I like the Hogs too, but lately after watching some Hog games I feel like :sick:...they've got so much talent and would be KILLER if they had a even half-way competent coach. He is poison to the Razorback football team! Sorry, it's easy for me to get off topic with the subject of football...:p