My kitten is about 6 mths old now, she's had her jabs/spayed >>

  1. When should I let her out? Im worried that if I let her out she won't come back. :confused1:
  2. I heard its better when they're at least a year old
  3. The best thing to do is to never let your cat roam outside. The outside world presents countless harzards, such as fights with other animals, cars/traffic, disease, etc. Your cat would be much happier and safe inside. And it would offer you a whole lot more piece of mind. :smile:
  4. I would never let her out. I'll never again have another outside cat. I have two indoor ones that are very happy and healthy. If they've never been out, they dont' know the difference. Ones that go out usually have shorter lives bc of dangers from fights, cars, etc. inside cats have very few dangers
  5. Purplekitty is so right. If she's inside, you don't have to worry about her. It's not worth it to expose her to diseases, like FIV/FIP, and to animal attacks, bad people, etc. She'll be happy with a window seat to look out into the world.
  6. ^^These people know their stuff. Outside cats are incredibly susceptible to diseases of all kinds, many of which are incurable or cause lasting damage to their bodies. I vote for your kitty staying inside where she's guaranteed to be safe and warm.
  7. Don't let her out! The average lifespan for outdoor kitties is something like 3 to 5 years. I know you want her around much longer! Indoor cats are perfectly content to be indoor cats, especially if they've never been outdoors. It just about kills me every time I see a cat dead on the side of the road. Don't let it be your cat.
  8. NEVER! One thing peopel do not get is that these animals have been domesticated - why try to treat them like wild animals and put them out to fend for themselves? Cats do not ever need to be outside for any reason. Disease is a huge concern especially feline AIDS and Feline Lukemia-why chance that?