My kitten drools a lot

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  1. I'd noticed my kitten drooling when he was 3 months old and took him to the Vet where they told me that it was due to him teething and that he was fine. Well he's now 5 months old and still drooling...So I was hoping to get some reassurance from others who experienced the same thing when their cats were young? Or should I be worried and take him to the Vets ASAP?:sad:
  2. I don't know anything about that [I've only known older cats that drooled] but I'd probably have her checked just to be sure it's ok. something about cat drooling
  3. I hope your kitty is okay....if you find out anything please let us know...I'm curious to know the reason.
  4. Call your vet tomorrow. They'll tell you if you should bring your kitty in :yes:
  5. My friend has a cat that drools when she is happy; especially if the cat is sleeping on your lap and is getting petted. If you are worried, check it out with the vet. I hope your kitty is ok!
  6. Thank you so much everyone! I'll call the vets and see what they say.
  7. Well I just finished talking to the Vet's nurse and was told that it's nothing to worry about. Thank god! It might either leave after his teething stops or he might just be a cat who salivates a lot...:shrugs:
    I've actually noticed he only drools when he's it's probably the case of the they sell kitten bibs?! LOL:roflmfao:
  8. Is that your kitty in your avatar, percephonie? Anyway, one of my boy drools when he is feeling good and kneeding. Anyway, it is always good to check the mouth as you may want him to get used to you brushing his teeth, etc to keep up with any dental issues. Drooling can be a concern as some cats do get cancer in the mouth, but sine he is only 5 months old, that is unlikely.
  9. Hi tiramisu:smile: Yup that's him in my avatar:heart: He absolutely hates me checking his mouth, but I guess you have to be patient until he gets used to it right?
  10. My cat drools like a mofo. Seriously. Think St. Bernard dog type of slobber! He did this when he had a full set of teeth and now that he only has his canines, he still does it just as much. I think it's a lost cause. Lol.
  11. I had a boy cat who drooled when he was kneeding too, and he loved to kneed my neck. I got so used to it that once I had someone over for the first time and he jumped up and got into his "thang" and a few minutes later she said "something's wrong with your cat, he's foaming at the mouth" -- she had backed up about 2 feet on her chair too !!

    some kitties just slobber.
  12. Well I'm glad to hear it's nothing serious!!