My kid "broke" her friend's cell phone and now parents are threatening..

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  1. I am so annoyed right now I could spit.

    My 10 year old was playing with her friend yesterday and they were fiddling around with the friend's new Samsung Galaxy S4 (this kid is 10.....).

    My daughter somehow managed to activate the setting where you have to enter a pattern in order to get the phone to turn on. Well, they put in the pattern wrong too many times and now the phone is locked.

    Normally not a problem: you can unlock it by logging in to your google account.

    Problem: the parents are so paranoid about Google / the NSA that they created a "junk" Google account and no longer know the E-Mail address or password. the phone is locked.

    We have no clue how to reactivate the phone without the Google Account other than doing a factory reset, which would mean the kid loses Apps, contacts, texts, etc.

    Now the parents are threatening me, saying that I should have been paying more attention and that I will need to replace the phone.

    That's baloney since the phone works... we'd just have to do a factory reset.

    ...What bothers me is that they don't want my daughter playing with theirs anymore. They got along so well and now because of this STUPID phone, they're not allowed to play together anymore.

    How would you all try to make this situation okay again?
  2. I can see why they're frustrated, the kids' ages are irrelevant to me though. Although I can see why they're irritated, it doesn't make any kind of sense to replace a phone :confused1: I also can't see why they don't want the kids playing. . . sounds like they're a little cuckoo.

    I know nothing about Androids so I can't help :sad:
    Have you tried asking for help in our Electronics forum?
  3. The parents are a bit nuts anyway but their daughter is a really sweet girl. I will try and talk to the parents this afternoon and try to rectify the situation the best I can.

    My DD10 has some issues with socializing and making friends anyway, so I really don't want something this ridiculous to come between them.
  4. Danke, Lakritze!

    I saw that link this morning and printed it out. I hope we can get it to work somehoww
  5. Definitely don't replace the phone, it's not broken. Is there an Android authorized dealer there? They might be able to help, all I can think of is factory reset.
    I don't understand (maybe I'm too old), but how important past texts for a 10 year old?? and contacts? how many can a 10 year old have? If I were you, my best offer is to help with "purchase" some apps that were lost, but nothing more than that. It's too bad that they pull their kid away from your daughter. All I can say..such a first world problems :sad:
  6. Sorry sooooo OT but I adore your profile pic....what a sweet moment!
  7. Thank you cbrooke! It only happened one time and I happened to have my phone with me. They haven't done that since :P
  8. +1! That is crazy talk. Even if you replaced the phone, they still would have lost all their apps, contacts, texts, blah blah blah.

    What kind of 10 year old needs a smart phone?
    What kind of 10 year old needs any phone?
    What kind of 10 year old has so many contacts that everyone is in a panic at the thought of losing them?

    This is some seriously entitled thinking, IMO. What spoiled people.

    Sorry this is causing you such grief - I know you have had a lot going on in your life as of late. Hang in there.
  9. It is crazy talk, like I said replacing the phone makes no sense.

    But it doesn't matter if the kid is 8 or 14, an issue happened that needs to be fixed. Replacing it is stupid, not even an option IMO as this phone isn't broken.
    Hopefully they've come to their senses today and a reasonable solution is found :hugs:
    It's their fault they don't back the phone up every couple of weeks. The they can restore it and then sync it back w/ last backup.
  10. Why does a 10 year old need a Galaxy 4 phone? It seems like that's a piece of equipment that requires a bit more maturity to responsibly care for it. Times have definitely changed, lol.
  11. Good grief, the girls are just ten years old and it's just a frigging phone. I know adults who get locked out of their phone.

    No, you should not be expected to replace the phone. Nor should you be the one who is expected to get it working again. The parents should have kept a record of the Google e-mail address and password that they used to activate the device. What were they thinking not doing this? Now it is their responsibility/problem to unmuddle things, not yours. (Take a deep breath and remove all the "we" from your description of the parents' problem because it is not your problem.)

    And as others have said, why does a 10-year-old girl have a Samsung Galaxy phone anyway? And now the parents are worried about her texts and apps vanishing and they don't want their daughter hanging out with yours because of it? These sound like mighty silly people.
  12. That's ridiculous. How can they blame your daughter? Honestly, I've had friends like that growing up. Whenever we did something wrong and got in trouble they would never blame their kid or reprimand them. All the other kids got blamed, and we would be considered the bad influence. Things like this happens. What do you expect when you give your 10 year old child an expensive phone? Even though they get along really well and it has nothing to do with your daughters friend, do you really want her hanging out with someone that is not fair and unbiased?
  13. ok so no one has given her any suggestions on what to do. everyone has agreed the other parents are being ridiculous, so how does she convey that diplomatically?

    I'm actually curious as I have no ideas myself!
  14. If it were me, I would point out that "replacing" the phone (as in buying a new one) would do absolutely nothing to retrieve the information still on the locked phone (contacts, apps, etc). Essentially, it's a meaningless financial penalty that doesn't replace the irreplaceable data- all that would happen is they'd wind up with a locked phone and a new phone with factory settings. So why not just reset the locked phone to factory settings in the first place? I would definitely offer to pay for the lost apps once the phone has been restored to factory settings as a peace-keeping measure.