My *Khaki/Pond* Gallery tote is FINALLY here!!

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  1. After Coach finally getting it right 2 and a half weeks later, I finally got my bag!! Isnt she pretty?! I bought the tattersall scarf a week ago just waiting to tie it on my pretty new gallery tote! So here it is my Khaik/pond patent gallery tote!!

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  2. that is too cute!!!
  3. Gorgeous! I looove it with the tattersall scarf! And it looks so cute on you - congrats and enjoy it!

  4. I saw that bag up close recently and almost got her for myself! SO pretty!
  5. That is adorable!! Can you show us what the inside looks like, if it's not too much trouble?
  6. oooo its so adorable Kimmie! the scarf looks really gorgeous on it! congrats! :tup:
  7. Sure I'll go get a couple of pics. BRB!
  8. Cute!!!! :smile:
  9. I'm so glad you finally got yours!! I just love mine and I'm sure you will too!!
  10. Here ya go! Masai wanted to help out a little:love:

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  11. Love it! :0)
  12. I love this color combo! Congrats!

    Why did it take so long to get to you?
  13. That is such a cute bag and the tatersall scarf really adds a nice touch!
  14. Kimmie, that is a beautiful bag - enjoy it. I LOVE the photo of your dog wearing it! How absolutely adorable!
  15. Thats really cute. The scarf really matches the bag!