My Key Clochette is on the way!!!! Yay!!!

  1. Well, ladies as you all know, I had the White suhali lockit PM bag and I loved the key clochette that came with it. When I found out that the mono lockit's were NOT going to come with a clochette, I was shocked that they would not include this!!!

    So, I called 866 vuitton, they hooked me up with a Stephanie in the North Carolina store....she ordered it from Paris and it's arriving on Thurs!!!!!! And the best part........20 bucks!!!!!

    I can't wait, the bag just looks so much better with the key clochette I think and I don't care if it's supposed to come with it or not....mine is!!!!
  2. CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:I think it does look better with clochette!!!:yes:
  3. Wow..I meant to ask you about it.. $20..that's great..I know you were nervous about it LOL

    Can't wait to see the pics..they really should give clochette for mono lockit
  4. Wow, 20$ is actually.. reasonable ! I can't wait to see pictures. ;)
  5. Of course, everyone will probably think it's fake because the bag doesn't COME with a clochette, but I don't care anyway!!! I LOVE the clochette!!! Even though, I'll probably have to explain the story like a million times..... yea, still loving the clochette though!!
  6. Maybe if everyone who buys a lockit asks for a clochette or for them to order it, maybe they'll include it in the future.
  7. Yay!!! That is a GREAT price!!!! Just curious but why was it routed thru the North Carolina store? Do you know?
  8. :yahoo: yeah yeah, go tr444 :wlae:

  9. Well the lady from 866 vuitton called it "spare parts" and said that maybe that store would have them?? I'm really not sure and since I kinda fudged why I needed it.....I wasn't going to ask. I just wanted to get it so, I figured I'd keep my mouth shut and take it from anywhere!!
  10. Very cool! That's awesome that Stephanie ordered one for you!:nuts:
  11. Congrats! That's great news!
  12. awsome...that's so cool!
  13. they had to order a clochette all the way from paris?! i thought it was a common item. well anyways, congrats!

  14. Well from what she said, it's considered "spare parts" and most of the time the stores do not have extra clochettes. I thought that was a little strange too. But, yes, she said if she could not find one in a store it would have to be orderd from Paris, and I guess that's what they did, but it really only took a little over a week for it to get to a US store and then only 2 days to come to me!! So, that was real quick I think!
  15. Yay! I'm with you; I like clochettes on certain bags too.