1. I LOVE HER!!!:love: The color is SO BEAUTIFUL and the size is JUST PERFECT (32cm)!!! Is it normal to be IN LOVE with your purse?!:nuts: Yet another eBay score for me!!!:wlae:Please, share my joy, ladies!!! I've officially crossed over to the dark size and there is NO TURNING BACK!:devil:


    PICT5363.jpg PICT5364.jpg
  2. congrats! beautiful colors
  3. Congrats, LV. What beauiful colors...I love that blue. What is that bag called? (I know nothing about Hermes, but can be easily swayed. :smile:
  4. OMG!!!!! LV!!!! Congratulations! What a beauty!!!!! Yes, it IS ok to be completely in love with your bag!!!! Wear them BOTH in good health!!!!!
  5. OK, I don't usually comment on pic threads, but I must say those are stunning. I'm not even a huge fan of the Kelly style, but in those colors... Drop Dead Georgeous!

    Can I ask if they were than much cheaper on ebay?

  6. Gorgeous!!!! I love how bright and perfect they both look! Welcome to the orange side!
  7. Welcome to the orange side.
  8. CONGRATULATIONS LV!!! You've picked some stunners for your first H-bags! An orange Kelly is so perfect!
  9. AHH!!! I love this bright color orange, you made the right choice!! She IS grand!!!!! I love her too,.... :love:
  10. to (sort-of) quote sex in the city, abso-effing-lutely!

  11. Congratulations, what a beautiful Kelly. I love Hermes orange, it is such a beautiful color. Your JPG Birkin is lovely as well.
  12. Congratulations, what a stunning collection ! :flowers:
  13. Gorgeous pair you've got there! :yes:
  14. Congratulations, LV!

    What a fabulous choice of colour! I bet you will walk taller and feel more elegant wearing your new Kelly. 32cm for a Retourne Kelly, I feel is also the perfect size for me!

    You must model it for us now! Do let us enjoy your bag in pictures as you do IRL!
  15. YOUR BAG IS BEAUTIFUL, lv! wear it well!

    welcome to the dark ORANGE side!