My Kelly has been kidnnaped!!

  1. My husband kidnnaped my Kelly because he know's that's they only way to get me into bed!!!! Tell him to give it back!!!
  2. :lol: Threaten to buy the croc birkin with diamonds tomorrow if he doesnt hand her over :lol:
  3. ROFLLLLLLL, I love Nori's thinking!!!!
  4. lol, he still won't give it back! I'm not sleepy yet! :suspiciou
  5. :lol: good luck girl! If that wont get him, I'm not sure what will! btw, maybe you can get into bed with him, put him to sleep, then come out and join the post party again lol.
  6. rotflmao, screw it, I'll get it when he goes to sleep!
  7. :lol: yes! He cant hold it hostage forever! Just make sure he doesnt roll her over :lol:
  8. LOLOLOL! My BF tries to take it away cause I like to look at my bags and touch them as I relax (lay on the bed).
  9. hahahhahahahahahah
  10. lol too cute!
  11. That is what I was thinking too....:love: :love: :love:
  12. Tell him if he doesn't give it back you'll super glue little pink plush teddy bears and kitties onto his car's dashboard.
  13. Well, we won't let my DH read this, it might give him ideas!
    If he would buy me a bag that would definitely work better.
  14. LOL! You guys are killing me!!
  15. Hope you managed to snag it back by now...