My Kelly Clutch

  1. I live in Qatar but went to Dubai for holiday. This is what I got :smile:

    Kelly Clutch in Doblis Calfskin Suede. I tried to capture the true color, but it was hard, so there is a picture with flash, and no flash, etc.





    I already had the Twilly from before.

    I also got an "H" bracelet

    My small Hermes Collection :smile:

    I also got this set from Hermes
  2. gorgeous color sabrina! I love that bag!
  3. Oh what a beauty!! The color is amazing!
  4. Verrrry nice!!
  5. i'm almost speechless. that is so beautiful and sweet. a really delicious bag! oh my, i'm going to be revisiting this post frequently i think, to admire. does that size come with a lock and key also? you are the first to post a pic of this clutch i think. i'm really excited about seeing it so a BIG thank you to you. how do you find the suede - some posters have expressed concern that it's too fragile, but that isn't my experience. your fragrance and lotion purchases look fun - can you describe their various scents? thanks a bunch. :flowers: :flowers:
  6. Congrats.
  7. I love, love the Kelly clutch! It's also such a wonderful color.

    Congratulations! I'm also thinking of getting one myself, but not yet sure which color!
  8. That's a gorgeous set! Enjoy and I'm sure you're going to rock that bracelet too.
  9. Beautiful! And welcome! Love the bracelet too...
  10. I Am So In The Love With Your New Kelly Clutch....It's Magnificent!!! The Twilly Is My Favorite Design!!! & I Love The Bracelet!.......What A Fabulous Set!!!!! .........What A Day You Had! Congratulations On Those Beautiful, Beautiful Pieces!!!!!!!! :smile:
  11. thanks so much everyone!

    HiHeels: thanks! :smile: it doesn't come with lock and key like the normal kelly, but you can get extras :smile: actually, this think of suede is different than normal suede in that it's more resistant to dirt, etc and it comes with this eraser so you can clean it but it's very nice, lovely material. the scent is very fresh and classic, i like not. im not sure how to describe but you could always try it on at any shop where they sell perfume :smile:
  12. congratulations & welcome! very lovely bag!
  13. WOW, Habibty! It's GORGEOUS! I love the color and it's so rich in suede! All your purchases are beautiful and I know you'll wear your bracelet a lot! I have an enamel bracelet that I wear almost daily!

    Congrats and welcome to Hermes!!!!!
  14. What a fabulous clutch! I love the color! I also like your bracelet. Nice collection!
  15. Have you tried how much stuff you can fit in there? I love Kelly clutches, but I am afraid that it is not going to hold that much...

    Yours is BEAUTIFUL!