my Kelly 30

  1. hi! i'm new to this forum.. Just wanna share what i got so far..

    I just recently get this Red Kelly 30 bag. I love it!!
    I'm still waiting for my birkin 35.. hope i will get it soon.

    Sorry the second pic is kinda blurry
    kelly30.jpg kelly30(2).jpg
  2. congratulations..its a gorgeous bag!!
  3. Congrats!
  4. Very Pretty!!!
  5. fabulous bag:smile:
  6. Lovely - congrats!
  7. congrats :smile:
    May I know what color and leather? It looks like Vermillion?
  8. I'm sorry I don't know what color is this. I just saw it and bought it. I'm very bad at bag's details :push:. This leather is not Togo tho..

    Sorry can't help much
  9. Very nice congrats!
  10. Welcome!:flowers: What a FABULOUS bag!:love: Looks great on you!:tup:
  11. yummy! size 30 or 32?
  12. Wooooppssss... sorry .. it's 32!
  13. Stunning, mochmoch! Love every bit of it - it's gorgeous on you, and welcome! :yes:

  14. Fabulous kelly!!
  15. Wow, you are certainly off to a good start!