My keeper - Pics

  1. Remember my thread:
    Well i decided, one GH bag was enough for now and i was missing the RH.:graucho: If i ever decide to have another GH bag it would be in the PT or Work style. :tup:I really liked the Lead color a lot and i decided to go with the Day in RH. I just got it few minutes ago from BalNY and i love it.:yahoo: This one is a keeper. :yes:It is not too dark or light, just the right color for every day use. The leather is very soft, squooshy and evenly distressed. Kim sent me the last one and it is gorgeous as always. Thanks for all your votes and inputs.:heart:
    IMG_3339 (2).JPG IMG_3340 (2).JPG IMG_3341 (2).JPG IMG_3342 (2).JPG IMG_3343 (2).JPG
  2. More pics.:smile:
    I have been so busy finding the right bag for the past week that i feel exhausted and out of energy.:sweatdrop: Balenciaga really works you out. :pNow i can relax and enjoy my bag.:yahoo:
    IMG_3344 (2).JPG IMG_3346 (2).JPG
  3. Beautiful bag! Good choice with the color and the leather looks wonderful!!!
  4. You are quite the goldilocks! ;) heh Glad you finally found your bag that is just perfect! :heart:
  5. The bag is cute, the color is TDF and the leather is gorgeous.

    It's an abosolute keeper! :yes: Congrats.
  6. COngrats NaNaz.. it sure has been a busy day for you.. Lucky~! Steel has been one of my fav colors this season.. You won't be disappointed with this one! CoNgrats again :wlae:
  7. Great choice, great colour, great decision. I know exactly what you mean....I have only one GGH and I'm suffering GH fatique already.

    Congratulations. I hope the two of you are very happy! :heart::p
  8. I know exactly how you feel!;) Glad you found what you were looking for and enjoy! Now if I can only wait until my bag ban is over and get that Plomb/Steel City in RH, then I can relax!:p
  9. awesome leather as always on your bags girl!! congrats, glad you found a keeper - she is gorgeous :tup:
  10. I love the lead color! My fave color this season after violet! It looks gorgeous in the day style! Now, relax and enjoy it!!!
  11. congrats nanaz! glad it worked out for ya in the end! oh one GH is enough? I have 3 GH (and the 4th coming soon)! uh-oh... am I really gona get sick of it?
  12. THis will be just perfect for f/w! Love the leather & color. Kim is so fantastic.
  13. LOVE it!:love: Honestly, in the beginning I wasn't convinced but everyone's beautiful pics have really made me fall in love with this color!:heart: Your new Day is just perfect!:yes: Congrats, Nanaz!:tender::heart:
  14. Gorgeous! The leather looks sooo yummy!
  15. ha ha
    I know exactly what you mean about Balenciaga working you out, I spend a lot of mental hours on these decisions
    Great leather, I'm sure this bag will get a ton of use!