My Katy Legacy Stripe Tote

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  1. I finally got my tote and heres a picture of it...

    Didn't realize how big it was...but I love it.


  2. I can't see the picture!!!

    I LOVE these. I want one so badly. And a Mia, and a Carly-- this is bad, bad news.
  3. well i can see it....i donno its up there
  4. I can't see it either :crybaby:It must just be on your computer's memory cache.
  5. Can't see the pic, but congrats!!! They're very pretty bags!
  6. I can't see the picture, either! Maybe try again? We want to 'ooh' and 'aah' over your new treasure!
  7. Yes I definitely want to see the picture!! I LOVE the Katy pretty!
  8. can't see the pic, but i want one soooo bad. was it difficult to find?
  9. I can't see it either but congrats!!
  10. Not showing up for me either, but congrats and enjoy!!!
  11. All I see is a box with a red X in it. Try reposting the picture again. Can't wait to see it.
  12. Can't see any pics!