My Jumbo Suprised Me

  1. I took my jumbo caviar flap to the Hannah Montana concert yesterday afternoon. I figured it would be the best choice being that I can sling it messenger style in the event I have to carry my niece through a crowd. I have to tell you, that bag can really hold alot-I thought I was pushing it to the limit with what I already had in it before we got to the concert-but after 3 trips to the souvenir stands I pushed it way over. By the end of the night I had in it my usual stuff (wallet, eyeclass case, blackberry, FULL size paddle brush, camera) and 3 t shirts, glowsticks, laminates, swedish fish, bracelets and a Hannah Montana doll. I could not believe how much fit into it and it still closed. It weighed a ton but it allowed me to have free hands to keep a hold on my niece.
    BTW-any mom's, aunts or sisters taking a little one to the concert-Miley Cyrus is amazing. Concert was really good.
  2. you have persuaded me even mor eto buy a jumbo- I have a little boy so I need a hands free bag.
  3. I wore mine messenger style for the first time the other day while I was shopping and you're right! It fits lots and is so convenient. I just wanted to have my hands warm in my pockets and my bag still safely in front of me. The jumbo is incredibly versatile.
  4. yea the jumbo is amazing. and plus its a statement bag. i loveeeee it! im soo glad i got it over the medium!
  5. Jumbo is next on my list.....
  6. it would have been great to a pic of this! for some reason, i seem to only be able to get my cosmetic case, key case, wallet and phone in there... am i babying my jumbo too much??

    btw, you (or should i say your niece) was so lucky to go to a miley concert.. hehe

  7. I was babying my jumbo way too much until I was forced to "work it" last night. Who knew? It was like Mary Poppins bag-there was a ton of stuff in there.
    BTW-I must say I had a great time at the concert. I would go without the 6 year old-though I might look silly.;)
  8. wow . it fits a ton
  9. Love the jumbo! I think it is one of my Chanel faves!
  10. swedish fish?????

    Anyhow, that's why all my classic flaps are jumbos... Even DH was surprised what i could fit in there when i stuffed a couple of water bottles and CDs we purchased (along with my usual stuff)
  11. Jumbo is my favorite flap! So convenient.
  12. swedish fish is candy.
  13. No kidding about jumbos. They are pretty much the only type of Chanel bag I buy. They hold everything and still hold their shape! I like my (one) medium flap, but it's really limited in what you can get in there. And I have kids so I feel your pain about lugging stuff around!

    I have lately wondered if I should get an expandable bag? Do you think a lot more can fit in one of those? Any opinions? They are kind of slouchy looking, though, so I am not sure if they can "hold their shape" when stuffed. I imagine them to be these giant puff balls when full.