My jumbo from Dubai

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  1. Just bought this today from Chanel Boutique in Burjuman Mall, Dubai! LOVE IT :love::yahoo:

    btw, for reference, it was around $2510 so a bit cheaper than US. plus no tax :yes:

    Its the classic flap in jumbo size. caviar leather with silver hardware. I know you have seen this style etc many times, but not this one because its MINE :tup: thanks 4 looking.
    IMG_5016.JPG IMG_5019.JPG IMG_5023.JPG
  2. Oooo! This looks like the older leather, because its very shiny. I have the same bag and I bought it last month and my leather does NOT look as shiny at all.

    Ladies? am I right?
  3. Love it.
    Wear in good health and Eid mubarak!

  4. In real life its not shiny its just the flash. If it is the old or new which of them is better?
  5. thanks! Eid mubarak to u as well
  6. Congratulations !!! it is a classic that you will enjoy for a very long time..
  7. It's gorgeous congrats! :smile:I think it's the new jumbo cause it's not exactly square right? The leather looks so beautiful!Soukran for sharing and wear it in good health!:yes:
  8. congrats yayyyy

  9. Congrats!
  10. oh the jumbos are so pretty! LOVE IT!
  11. Congratulations! I just got my first Jumbo too, and I love the size.
  12. The black caviar jumbo is my very favoriate flap. Congrats on a purchase you'll enjoy for years to come!
  13. Many congrats on your new bag :smile:

  14. I could be wrong, but even the color black is richer than the newer Jumbo's. But I think they are both coveted.

    Its beautiful!
  15. It's beautiful. Classic will always be here. I just got my E/W lambskin and I am loving it. So I know how you feel having ownership of the most beautiful bag in the world! :supacool: Eid Mubarak and eat lots!!