1. My jumbo red flap had a detour in arriving. We all know it is htf and even if we r on a list who knows when we will be called. :crybaby: I was lucky enough to get one that another pfr did not want. You would think that was easy enough. But it ended up being a little more difficult. I kept waiting and waiting for it to get here. Yes, I made a mistake by not getting it overnighted. It went ground fed ex. Does anyone on here know that ground fedex is not the same as Fed ex, or am I the only one . Well it is a sub co.of Fed ex. That means the drivers r independent and come and go as they please in regard to deliveries. Yesterday I came home and there was a slip on the door , obviously I missed them and had to sign for it in person :cursing: So I figured I would go and get it yesterday. I called to make sure it was back from the truck. They said ,no and I could not pick it up till they tried 3x to deliver it. I think my blood pressure went up to the end of the chart :wtf: I had to have mynew RED FLAP . I speak to the manager who promises me I can pick it up first thing tomorrow (meaning today) since the driver does not come back after his run,yesterday. Where did he go with my red flap?????:idea: Ok so I will get it today. Here is another dilemma, it is not at Fed ex, which is 5 min from my house, but at Fed Ex ground 25 min away. I run out during my break and guess what it is NOT THERE. The driver never saw the note and took it on the run. He tried to deliver it again. Obviously I was not there I was at Fed ex Ground!! Well I was fuming!:cursing: I told this guy (the one who sends the drivers on their runs) .I must have it TODAY!!!!!!!!!! He calls the driver and tells him woudl he "mind" delivering it to my place of business, which is my school. I was thinking why isn't he yelling at the driver as to his stupidity in delivering it again. Sooo I had to call the school and go all the way back to work:shrugs: I am a substitute teacher so I never know when I order something where I will be on a given day, so I usually have it delivered to my home or I go and get it. But I never encountered this:hysteric: I get back to school I am so upset, but there she is in a big Neimans box waiting for me. I take the box out to my car (heaven forbid one of my coworkers should see I had a Chanel bag delivered). I rip the box open and the most BEAUTIFUL CAVAIER flap is sitting in tissue paper in a Chanel box. Long story but short ending. SHE ARRIVED!!! Just thought I would share will post pics later. I am one happy girl.(finally):happydance:
  2. OMG, that's quite an ordeal you had to go through :wtf:
    But luckily your story has a happy end!! :yahoo:

    Please post pics soon!
  3. that's a long process...
    but after all, enjoy ur new bag!!!!!
  4. I am the exact same way when I'm expecting something to arrive. If something goes wrong, I'm fuming. I HATE to wait. I am really really bad at waiting. After all that drama I'm glad you have your bag. :yahoo:
  5. Congrats to you! And thanks for letting me know that Fedex ground is different from Fed Ex!
  6. Yikes! FedEx needs to learn not to mess around when it comes to Chanel. Especially red! Gald it's finally in your hands and can't wait to see the pics.
  7. whew,that was stressful, :sweatdrop: but you got it and that's great! can't wait to see it!:yes:
    i hate fed ex ground (i'm in nj too) it's over an hour from me and fed ex express is 2 seconds away. i pay extra to get it by express bc i'm impatient and gotta have it, yes,:push: but also bc ground is a PITA!
  8. I went through Fed Ex Ground hell myself a bit ago. There was a FEG depot north of here but they sent it to the one 45 minutes south of my home. In so doing, drove past my house. I was telling them what numb balls they were wasting gas, shipping it to and fro and even past the house!! There is no shortage of idiots. Do not choose Ground ever; the price point doesn't make up for the aggravation.