My July Reveal!!!

  1. Hi ladies, so here is the newest beauty to my bal collection....presenting to you my Aqua GGH 2007! I got this from a lovely tpfer and gave her a little TLC with leather honey and now she looks like new! Isn't she a beauty??? :hbeat::hbeat::hbeat:
  2. I love her! She's beautiful, lovely colour.

    Enjoy :smile:
  3. Lovely color congrats she does look new
  4. Congrats. It is gorgeous. Enjoy.
  5. Congrats on your new bag! :smile:
  6. Beauuuuutiful!!! :woohoo:
    Such a stunning colour and I love the GGH with this.
    Many congrats and enjoy using it.
  7. Gorgeous bag. Congrats!!
  8. Congrats it's Lovely!!! Stunning color and perfect combo!!
  9. Thank you ladies for all the lovely comments!
  10. :loveeyes: You found one! Congrats! She is a beauty!!

  11. what a great combo! Congrats!
  12. Absolutely stunning!!!

  13. Gorgeous bag! Love, love the color! Congratulations!!!!!!!

    I am new to Balenciaga and recently bought a (new to me) City in Ink that I think can benefit from some some TLC. May I ask what is "leather honey"?
  14. Hi Dolali welcome to balenciaga!! Thank you for your kind words. Leather honey is a wonderful leather care product. They are based in the US and you can purchase it at Their prices are very reasonable and the bottle lasts you a long time...just make sure you use sparingly. I apply with my fingers. If you look up the bal care and maintenance thread you can find some information about it and other tpfers results. Hope that helps and feel free to inbox me if you have any more questions!
  15. Great find! Gorgeous combo. Congrats!