my julianne is potentially ruined forever :(

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  1. my boyfriend who bought me my espresso julianne accidentally spilled cranberry juice all over the front of my julianne and some of it even got on the lining inside. it has dried and there is a visible area where you can see that there was something spilled. does anyone know of anything that can possibly take that out? please let me know if you do :sad:
  2. OMG, sorry!
    At least HE bought it and HE spilled it, eh?
    Maybe he'll need to make up for this with something else?!?!

    No idea, don't own this leather.
    But, I'm thinking you may need to use a really mild soap/h20 to get all the residue off.
    Natural sugar, you know, will keep it sticky and still show.

    Keep us posted.
    Good luck!
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    For the lining try the Tide To Go pen. I'd see if Apple can help with the spill on the outside.
  4. I know that Tide-to-Go pens are popular for cleaning linings. I also use Shout wipes, which may be easier with a bigger stain.

    I'm not going to try to help with the leather because I know there are a ton of more experienced ladies who will speak up and give you great advice. There so many good tips, I bet you will get that beautiful bag looking great again. :hugs:
  5. I wish I could be of help, but I have no idea. So sorry about your bag. :sad:
  6. ITA with trying the tide to go. This leather already has a protectant sealing on it so, if you just wipe it down with a damp, clean, white cloth, that may take care of it. I'm not sure what Apple would do except for add an additional protectant on top of that for this leather but, I would definately give it a good wipe down before putting anything else on it since it's juice.
  7. Oh no...I never spilled anything on my bags. But I if this were to happen I wipe with mild soap and water. Then come on here.
  8. How awful! I personally don't have any first hand experience with this, but you may see what a dry cleaner says. I'm assuming they clean leather jackets, so they have a solution for you. Good luck!
  9. OMG I'm sooo sorry. I don't have any help but I wanted to give you a :hugs:
  10. thanks for all your input! i'll definitely try the tide to go pen...however i may need to buy a couple because it's such a large area inside.

    the good thing about this is that he said he'd buy me something to replace it since it was a Christmas gift.

    i'll let you all know how it goes once i've tried some soap on it...
  11. OMG I am so sorry! I would be so freaked if this happened to one of my bags, especially if I had paid for it. This is gonna be one expensive xmas gift by the time he's through. LOL Good luck.
  12. The website mentions you can use a damp cloth on this leather.
    This is likely exactly what you need!
    Thank God it wasn't an older Legacy bag!
  13. So sorry to hear this. hopefully you can it all cleaned up.
    Good Luck!
  14. could you pull the lining out and maybe wash it with some woolite?

    Maybe a baby wipe on the leather?

    Good Luck!!
  15. I am so sorry to hear that! I would also recommend Apple conditioner for the outside and tide pens for the inside--Apple leather conditioner does wonders! I hope you'll be able to save her!