My Juicy Couture Pants got me into trouble

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  1. First of all, I work for the composition department, so our dress code is very lay back since we don't meet customers at all. We can pretty much wear anything except for tank top and mini skirt.

    So the other day I was wearing my juicy couture pants, it has "juicy" written on the back of the pants. Somehow some old co-workers has said something to the manager about that. So the manager told me that I can't wear at work, even though it's not against the company's dress code!

    I feel so upset after that happened because that's just unfair. :confused1: It's not like I worn something thats not allowed or showed a lot of skin...Oh well, it feel pretty good to vent it out!

    Did that ever happen to you guys?
  2. i'm going to say that i think pants with things written on the butt are kind of inappropriate in public in general, particularly if you're at work. most companies aren't going to have a specific line in their dress codes about things written on inappropriate body parts, but if you're clothing was making a coworker uncomfortable enough to say something to the boss, then the boss has every right to ask you to stop wearing it in the future. you weren't disciplined for it, you were warned, so i have to say that i think your boss acted fairly.
  3. ^^I agree. When I was in my last couple of years of high school, Juicy was just taking off, especially the ones with Juicy written across the butt. My school's officials made it a rule that ANYthing written across the butt of pants was inappropriate and I tend to agree. They're fine for your own casual time but in school/work settings, I don't think they're appropriate.
  4. ITA. I love Juicy sweats but I don't want to see words on anyone's ass in public, including work or school. In just the span of an hour running errands yesterday I got an eyeful of Juicy, PINK and bebe on bootys.

    Don't get me wrong...I've got "butt sweats" as I call them, but I'd never wear them outside.
  5. I don't think it's a big deal if you wear pants that says "Juicy" on the butt. People get their panties in a twist over the stupidest things. :rolleyes: They are SWEATS. As long as you're not showing anything JUICY, why would it matter?
  6. Maybe I was not clear enough. Even my boss said what they complained about are "old farts"(exact words that she said). Plus I have coworker that wears "pink taco" on her butt all the time. But no one complained about that.:cursing:
  7. I think it's inappropriate. Juicy on the butt is no different to me than "nice ass" written on the butt.

    I have a few pairs of Juicys too, and I'd never wear them to work, regardless of dress code.

    Advice for success, if you want to have a high respected position, you need to dress the part, regardless of whether you have the position or not.
  8. What kind of office do you work at that allows sweats? I don't think ANYONE should have words across their butts. I see little girls with JUICY on their butts and it really irks me. Even the VS with PINK across the butt bothers me. I remember a few years back when I saw girls with BOOTYLICIOUS on their jeans. I wondered how their parents let them leave the house like that. It's not cute, it's tacky. This is young women trying to be sexy, which is not appropriate.

    I do not think any of that is appropriate for a professional environment. I guess if you want to be taken seriously in the future,stick to clothing without target signs on your backside.

    I guess if you were working a summer job like life guard or something really casual, it would be okay. But for a corporate environment, I am sure people are thinking the worst. It is just a part of growing up.

    Off soap box now.
  9. Even if your work place has a relaxed dress code, its still doesnt mean you should wear sweats, or anything with writing or logos on it. I sent my receptionist home constantly for dressing inappropriately for work (and she did NOT get paid for her time going home to change). Wearing pants to work that says JUICY on the butt will get you zero respect and you will not be taken seriously by your supervisor. I hate to say it, but I would have sent you home to change as well.

    If you want to be taken seriously at your job, dress like you want to be taken seriously.
  10. I hate to say this, but sweat pants are allowed to be wear where I work. It's super casual and theres a lot of people worn pants that has logo or writing on it as well at my work.
  11. just because it isn't strictly forbidden doesn't mean it's a good idea.
  12. No offence to anyone who wears these but why would you want that written across your bum? Is it to draw attention to your bum? I quite liked the VS sweats but no way would I wear them because I don't like that Pink written across my backside!
  13. I personally find pants with words written on the butt inappropriate for work - but that said, I wear them out around town all the time. Hell, I'm wearing a pair of leggings by VS that say "PINK" across my butt as we speak, but I'm wearing a top long enough to cover that ;) - but even if I wasn't, I'd still wear 'em :lol:. I'm young and I can rock it. I think the diversity of ages on this forum will show you an equally diverse amount of reactions.
  14. Well, I agree that the pants with "pink taco" are worse than "juicy." Maybe your older coworker didn't realize Juicy is a brand name? Even if you can wear sweats to work, I would avoid any "butt pants." Honestly, I think any sweats in public should be generally avoided. Butt pants are one of those trends I am not a fan of. I even saw a toddler with something written across her butt the other day. :rolleyes:
  15. i agree with everyone else, inappropriate