my juane love!

  1. What a good past few days!

    on saturday- damier speedy 30 arrived...oh la la ...

    after reading on PF about the chloe sales- i made my way over to intermix on columbus ave here in nyc and lo and behold... the juane paddington (zip one? - what is the exact name) that i was eyeing at Neiman Marcus this past weekend but didn't buy cause it was $1700 and way too much....:sad: WAS ON SALE!!!!!!! for $1059!!!

    thanks to my loverly PFers, i was able to start off my summer with a great purchase ... yellow and lovin it!! :heart: :yes:

    thanks guys!

    below are the pics... dont mind the mess. hehe. :amuse:

    okay- jk, my files are too big!
  2. Congrats! Please post your pics!
  3. Resize, resize!!! I wanna see your jaune paddy! I think the zip one you got is just called the zippy or hmm, bowling by LVR. The like to confuse us:smile:)
  4. would love to see ur pics!!
  5. Congrats! I'd love to see your pics too!
  6. Please post pics, I love the jaune. It's my new favorite color!
  7. Here is it!~ i finally learned how to resize! :P
    P1010094.jpg P1010088.jpg P1010096.jpg P1010087.jpg
  8. dont mind the clothes on my bed. hehe
  9. Gorgeous! Jaune is a great color for summer. (I like your Damier Speedy too!)
  10. That is such a cute bag! Congrats!
  11. It's gorgeous!!! Congrats!
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