My Journey to a Better Me.

  1. alright i'm not clocking in ANY numbers, ie: weight or how much i want to lose, but lets just say i could use you ladies right about now! i have some WEIGHT to lose, and i know that with this great community of fabulous females, i will get the support i need to stick to a diet and make myself healthier!

    i let myself go for a while, and i've decided recently that being depressed and wallowing in my own self pity is bad bad, so i'm moving on and up.

    i've made agreements with myself, and i'd like to share them with you:

    *Quit SMOKING.

    *Instead of driving to my friend Brett's house who lives about a 15 minute walk away, i will be walking from now on!

    *Practice "portion control".

    *Don't let the Gayman (roomie) convince me to mow down on some munchies late at night watching movies or TPFing... (he's such an arse)

    *Use Dove Facial Cleanser and Deep Moisturizer on my face EVERY DAY! (i got tah slackin on my poor face and i am gettin a blemish for sure!)

    i just want a healthier lifestyle. lately i've been talking about it, now it's time to do it. i've had a problem with my weight my whole life and i'd love to change that. everyone here is so inspiring! i really hope i can acctually stick to my goals this time around.

    i should probably really go on TPF LESS so i'm off my ass more often, but emotionally this place has been very helpful as far as getting me through a few situations i've had to deal with, and the support i get here has made me a stronger, calmer, emotionally healthier person. (People like Swanky Mama have definately taught me to think before i speak. ty gf.) thanks to everyone here by the way :love: you all rock my freakin socks! :love:

    wish me luck! i hope i can get healthy, and i hope that i can help others be inspired to get healthy too! any suggestions as to how to change up my daily routine to include excersise (i effin hate excersising) or to become more emotionally healthy (not letting things like the ex boyfriend i'm potentially getting back together with totally consume my life)...

    :love: thanks again everyone. i appreciate you all! :love:

    PS: i will probably throw some numbers out there one day, but as of right now i don't want to share my numbers with all of you deliciously in shape ladies lol... i will definately be tracking my progress tho!
  2. Good luck, ViciousBliss!

  3. good luck we're all here for you!!!

    yes one step at a time and soon you'll find that you've made lots of changes for the better. it's great that you're taking the ffort and recognizing what you need to do =)

    i need to go to the gym.... it's an ongoing issue. +P
  4. we, being my roommate and i, talked about joining a gym, but our qualm with that is that there is NO decent gym around this crap town anyway, and we don't have the money for it.

    here's a ****ty update:

    my NOW EX boss just called me and told me she couldn't give me any hours AT ALL until further notice. she's been yanking me around for a few months now, telling me that she'd lay on the hours thick as soon as spring came around, and here she is telling me she can't give me any work at ALL.

    i got really pissed off and told her she was completely unprofessional. she had been promising me hours forever now, and she yanked my world out of under my feet. i suppose she thought that because she told me she "can't give me hours right now" that i'd just sit around with my thumb in an unmentionable place, waiting for her to call me. no no. i no longer work there.

    she has no idea that my roommate, who is currently one of the 2 people that work for her, is about to quit, and go back to an old job he used to have.

    i currently have no job, which means no way of paying my bills and rent, and my car is going to hell in a handbasket, so i'm completely effed. PLUS my registration, insurance, AND inspection are all in the next 2 months and my car is NOT going to pass inspection. i'm so screwed. :crybaby:

    i called my mom and she told me she could send me 200 dollars to pay my electric bill for this month but she's not going to be able to do that every month so i have to figure something out... omg i hate my life.

    see, this is what i mean by the emotional side of it. as soon as i decide to better myself, my whole world comes crashing down :crybaby: thank you everyone for your emotional support! i'm gonna need it :love: you guys are awesome.
  5. i am so sorry to hear about that.

    when in desperate time, sell the bags on eBay, to a friend, or whoever.

    i hope things get better for you.
  6. i'm probably going to sell my dooney barrel bag. *sigh* i don't know where though because i don't sell on eBay, it costs money i don't have!
  7. hey ya, sorry for your trouble. I found that once I tried to control one aspect of my life, the others followed. I used to have major weight issues but a couple of years ago i decided to just not think about it anymore. instead I just eat nice, home-cooked food and fruit etc. once you stop telling yourself you can't eat a lot, you dont anyway bec you stopped obsessing. it doesnt become an issue. btw I still have days when I scoff down a lot of food/sweets but the next day I go back to the normal routine. maybe this helps.

    as for exercise, gym is a no-no for me. in fact, I do ballet and pilates at home (dvd but used to do both in classes) bec it helps me to balance myself etc. I think, find what you like and then it won't be a big deal. the reason why I exercise at home is bec i found i can fit it in when I have time, whereas the gym is always a big fuss. also, I have a baby so couldn't go when I would want to. also, I hate others around me when I exercise (sociable girl that i am...). how about walking everywhere? it is good exercise for the beginning.

    as for your money difficulties: I have been many times in a tight spot, so know your situation. how about going to a couple of agencies to get temporary jobs until something else comes along (and it always does). at least money would be coming in.

    all the best
  8. heh i just remembered there is a dairy queen not to far from here that is open for the season. down fall of that place is im a fat kid surrounded by ice cream. it is within walking distance though so i will more than likely check it out this afternoon, as well as a grocery store across town. i'd hate life having to walk there but it would definately be good for my health.
  9. So sorry to hear about your troubles. Best of luck with your weight battle. What has really worked for me is cooking all of my own food (we almost never make anything out of a box) and eating "whole" foods, nothing processed.
  10. thing is i'm a chef, so i should be doing that anyway! i'm doing the honest effort to control the whole depressed eating thing by walkin around more, and finding other things to do than to wallow in depression and mow!!!
  11. so i woke up at a decent hour this morning and went for a nice walk on the boardwalk in my town with my trusty gayman. i then proceeded to have oatmeal for breakfast, and make jello for later in case i get hungry before roomie gets home.

    *makes the effort*

    the only thing that makes me nervous is, will the commitment last ya know? will i walk tonight, an tomorrow? will i avoid munching!?

    *pushes self* :sweatdrop:
  12. Let's not let the job downfall f**k up the OP ideals!! Let it be the catalist!! Let your life all come together at once!!!! You need to grab on to something right now.................take it all!!!! And just remember like I said before "The Lord provides"!!
  13. i'm definately diving into the walking thing, i woke up and walked which is a big step for me cuz i'm a lazy ass. i'm trying to flip the negative to postitive, and with help from Gayman and TPF today seems better than yesterday.
  14. I follow Weight Watchers (although sort of loosely) and it really helps me keep my eating under control. You can look up the point values online if you don't want to actually join. You can eat whatever you want, just in moderation. And it makes you realize that there are a lot of calories you eat you don't even think about.
  15. hey you're doing a good job with all that walking! keep it up. it won't change you overnight but i know ppl who have really lost alot of weight just from walking reguarly!

    and with the tight budget now, this is also a good time to exercise portion control by eating less and hence spending less.

    hang in there, *hugs*