My journey on Jenny Craig

  1. Today was my one month mark on the Jenny Craig program. I signed up for two months so I'm half way through!! yay!!! My goal was to lose as much as possible and keep it OFF. Here is my progress so far:

    12/13 consultation weigh in: 155.3
    12/20 weigh in: 151.3
    12/27 weigh in: 150.7
    1/3 weigh in: 149
    1/10 weigh in: 147.3

    total loss so far: 7.5 pounds.

    I'm determined to lose another 7-8 the second month and lose another 10 on my own.

    Is anyone else on Jenny??
  2. That's great! A long time ago, I was on Jenny Craig for several months and lost 25 pounds. I didn't do well applying the principles when I went off the prepared meals, and gradually gained it back. The program has probably changed since then (15 yrs ago).
  3. Congrats on your loss! I always like it when member's share their weight loss successes. It's great inspiration.
  4. thanks guys... i really hope i lose some more and KEEP it off..

    funny thing... the consultants want you to lose weight which is cool but most of them are over weight themselves....... something to think about..
  5. Aren't some of the consultants former customers? When I was going to the group sessions, which were great, I thought, the main "instructor" was a woman I knew and she'd lost about 100#. Then gradually she stopped doing what she had learned (I observed this at luncheons we attended) and gained it all back. I say this just to illustrate that the program works IF YOU WORK IT. When she got complacent, when I got lazy or careless, we gain the weight back.

    I applaud what you've accomplished and wish you continued success! And what you've managed to do, armcandyluvr, is awesome!
  6. Congrats on your weight loss! I need to lose my post-pregnancy pounds. My baby is seven months old and my weight has hit a plateau. If I lose 15 pounds that would be great, if I lost 25 pounds that would be better!

    I was an overweight child and for most of my teens. The way I lost it was by going to a dietitian. She was great, took my age into consideration and gave me a no-gimmick healthy eating plan so I lost the weight. I slowly gained it, plus some, because I no longer followed her advice. Fast forward about 5-6years, I'm starting uni at 18 and I am tubby. I applied my former dietitian's advise, lost about 33 pounds and looked great. After that my weight would always fluctuate 5 pounds. Had first baby gained 42 pounds, lost most of it, had second baby gained 36 pounds and now I am overweight. Need to shift those extra pounds. Sensible eating plus exercise is great. When I put my mind to it and control my food I loose weight, if not I eat mindlessly. The exercise is the hardest part, I don't have the time.

    I'm one of those people who will never be naturally slim, I have to work at it. I have to always be conscious of what I eat. If I am in control of my food intake then my weight is stable. When I loose control of what I eat I gain weight. I believe this is the same for everyone who has had a weight problem.

    Anyway, good luck!
  7. i've always been a chubby all throughout my life. i'm trying to be "skinny" before i hit my 30's but it's HARD. I caught the worst cold and got off the jenny craig food and i feel like i gained some of it back...i'll update when i go weigh in on wednesday!!! i hope i still lost something!
  8. A bad cold always throws me off, too. Your sense of smell and taste is not normal. Good luck--maybe you haven't gained any weight.
  9. *cheers nancypants on*

    Rah rah!

    I wish I had the same dedication! My metabolism has gone down the crapper the last couple of years, and I *really* should do something about it, but it's just time I can't commit, since it's time taken from, say, online purse/shoe shopping! :p

    Maybe your own success will motivate me! GO NANCY GO!

  10. :yes:
  11. update time! i didn't do so well but.. at least it's going in the right direction!

    12/13 consultation weigh in: 155.3
    12/20 weigh in: 151.3
    12/27 weigh in: 150.7
    1/3 weigh in: 149
    1/10 weigh in: 147.8
    1/17 weight in: 147.4
    1/24 weigh in: 146

    so about 1.8 pounds loss since my last update. i have 2 more weeks in the program. i can't do any more of it cuz i'm sooooo sick of the food. i'm at the point where i'd rather exercise than eat JC food!!!

    total loss so far 9.3 poounds!!!

    how is everyone else doing?
  12. well done with how much you've lost so far! Can I ask how tall you are?
  13. Wooo congrats! :biggrin: that's wonderful news indeed ^^

  14. of course!

    i am 5'5"
  15. ITA

    Congrat's! and I admire how you are able to share on a open forum.