[My Journey] Breast Augmentation in Seoul

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  1. Hi
    I am from overseas and I am really keen on getting a BA done in Korea.
    I was considering Thailand at first because the prices are cheaper but the techniques in Korea seem much more advanced. Even though Korea is known for medical/cosmetic surgery finding information online is seeming hard.

    I am not sure what information to trust, as much as I want this surgery done nothing is more important to me than my life.

    I see there are quite a lot of agencies that will help with this journey - Docfinder, myseoulsceret and beautiquekorea are the ones I found so far. I know that these agencies work for money and some of payment proceeds go to them and this makes it harder to trust them.

    I have emailed all them asking for a quote so currently waiting for them reply back. I will be posting in this the quotes I receive.

    If any you had a BA done in Seoul before please share your experience, the clinic you went and the price you paid.
    All suggestions welcome!

    Thank you all in advance.:smile:
  2. Got a quote from HerShe
    They are holding a Breast augmentation promotion to give you up to 50% discount. This limited offer applies to all patients who receive or schedule the surgery with deposit until the 31th July, 2016.

    Round type 8800USD->4400 USD
    Teardrop type 12600USD->6300USD
  3. sunnydahye has a youtube channel covering her experience getting Breast augmentation done in South Korea at Beautique. Might be worth watching her two videos about it and asking her for her experience choosing a clinic and the process she went through with consultation and scheduling:
  4. hi babe i.have just done my BA in korea. post operatively day 1. so far so good. i did mine in dr park seok jin clinic who specializes in BA. my whole surgery costed me about rm 23000.
  5. Are you going to have implant breast surgery?
  6. i already did. post operation day 5
  7. @Cici69, what type of implants did you get?
  8. I had mine 2 years ago in JW with docfinder. I got teardop implant and it was 10000 USD. Anybody heard about motiva implant?
  9. Yes, I heard about motiva implant. Migo uses this brand. What brand is your implant? I'm considering getting BA.
  10. Motiva implant is new boob implant brands
    Heard that it has very low complications and side effects because it is nano texture which it will reduce contracture rate than before
    Mega,bongbong,jw,wonjin can control their brands (not all the plastic surgery clinic has those implant because company won't let all the clinic can use that implant without improved skilled surgeon)
  11. I did it at DA with teardrop 315 cc textured implants. It's good. But if you want soft bouncy boobs maybe don't use textured as they're more firm.
  12. Hai Claire, how is your new breast with texturized silicon? Are they still soft n feeling "real" ? I really want to do BA but im afraid it will harden my boobs. Thanks
  13. i have a friend who did hers at View and it wasnt so great. another one of my friends did it at BA (before and after) and it seems ok. she went from AA to DD LOL
  14. I've heard that motiva implants was the new thing when it comes to implants.
  15. I'm planning to have BA too in March.
    I've shortlisted down to couple of clinics and plan to go for consultation this week. Let me reply again after consultation to share my experience.
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