my experience & new denim spy [MUST READ!]

  1. A few weeks ago, I ordered the denim spy that Jomashop had on sale for $759 and was very excited because I had read great reviews on tPF about their website and authenticity. So I received my denim last Friday and was a little disappointed. The purse itself looks authentic, beautiful and great (I will be posting some pictures on the authentication thread later tonight to make sure) but the dust bag was in horrible condition!!

    The drawstring area was ripped so I couldn’t even close the bag. Also, the packaging of the purse could’ve been better. They had the purse in the dust bag but it wasn’t closed (because the drawstring area was torn) so the purse was literally half in/half out of the dust bag when I opened the box. Also, they didn’t use any packaging supplies to protect the purse! No bubble wrap or foam or anything. The card board box they shipped it in was obviously reused because there was old packaging tape all over the box so that left dirt and light stains all over the white dust bag!

    So I couldn’t call them until today because Jomashop’s customer service is closed on the weekends!! (Another negative). And their customer service line’s waiting time is really long. I literally had to wait 10 minutes before getting connected with a customer service rep. The lady who helped me was pretty nice though. She apologized for the ripped dust bag and gave me a $25 credit because they weren’t able to send me another one. I am going to try to sew the dust bag myself and clean off the dirt stains so I guess I’ll have to settle and it’ll be fine. I’ll totally get over it but I mean I expected a NEW dustbag and at least a Fendi Box because I paid about $800 for my spy!

    Anyway, that is my experience with Jomashop. Pending on whether my Spy is truly authentic, I’m not sure if I will go through them again in the future. I’ll keep you all posted as to how my authenticity thread turns out. Thanks for reading if you read this far. :s
  2. i thought the dust bags are black with small yellos FENDI on it?
  3. what?!

    I didn't know that.... :sad:
    Mine is a drawstring, all white bag made of a nylon-type material with a small "FENDI" towards the middle right of the bag. Does that sound right at all?

    I will post pictures in a few hours....

  4. that's what I got with my Spy. :confused1::confused1:
  5. LV Mania thank you for sharing your experience. I was just debating whether or not to buy from them and I think you tipped the scales way in favor of the boutique for me.

    It doesn't sound like it's worth the stress of calling customer service, etc. I like the stress-free buying of the boutique. It's tough to put a price tag on service sometimes.

    Thanks again for sharing!!!
  6. pics!
  7. Wow, sorry to hear about your disappointing experience! :wtf:

    I received my spy from Jomashop last Tuesday and my bag was shipped in all it's original packaging, (tissue, plastic wrap, foam wrap, original box, etc) and shipped in an additional box. My bag came with a black drawstring dust bag with yellow FENDI written on it.

    I'm thinking of ordering the baby zucca spy from them; now I'm a little hesitant. :s

    Good luck, I hope your baby is OK now after her rough endeavors. ;)
  8. sorry to hear that. Iw a thinking hard abt the grey wisteria...
  9. sorry to hear that - I was thinking hard abt the grey wisteria but it's sold out now
  10. Wow, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with them.
  11. LV Mania, thank you so much for sharing your experience. BTW, have you read any of the comments about Jomashop on It's like, the good ones are very good. But, the people with negative experiences were put through retail hell. Thanx again for sharing.
  12. :sad:
  13. Really? Wow, I am so jealous. Are you talking about the same denim spy as mine?
  14. No, I ordered the "classic" grey spy (not wisteria).