My Job Interview congrats or condolence Sweet Mono buy lol

  1. Ever treated yourself to an LV after a job interview?

    I did with a little item today LOL - dont know if I have the job but my rationale is, well if I get it it will be my congrats to myself, or if I dont its a nice condolance ROFL --- but actually it sounds good. Its for a news anchor shift at an all-news radio station here - I haven't been on the air for a while but have lots of radio background. Just haven't done the 24 hour news station on air, before - fast pace, fast action, stuff .. wow it would be exciting! Heard back from them already today to come in again to sit in on a shift and watch the action see if its something I want to do, so its sounding good so far :smile: .. anyway I had to conveniently change transit connections downtown and just happened to wander into LV LOL .. and said to the SA/Manager .. I really want to get something today .. I was determined .. came out with these !!!


    Sweet Monogram Earrings - one is Pink, One Gold Heart with a little LV, and One pale Blue -- I usually dont spend much on earrings but I just love these :smile: This is the first time ever I just walked into LV and picked something and took it home ! .. ah probably can't wear it to the new job if I get it though, since they probably wouldnt' feel too comfortable under headphones LOL -- but they will look super :smile: here's some modeling pics attached. Thanks for looking :smile:

    SweetMonofront.jpg SweetMono-SideL.jpg SweetMono-SideR.jpg
  2. So happy for you :heart:
  3. Cute! Congrats on the potential new job!
  4. congrats!
  5. I hope it's a congrats buy!
  6. Very cute! I haven't treated myself an interview but I have treated after getting raises.
  7. Those are darling Vista! I hope you get the job!!!

    I know I promised myself that if I got hired by a new school district this summer I would treat myself to a new LV bag. I did and thus got my Azur Speedy. :yes:
  8. Congrats on the nice earrings......either way, job or not, you have something "sweet" to wear!!!
  9. Yay Congrats :smile: Bet that Speedy has been great to have this summer, and extra sweet since its a promise to yourself for getting that job!
  10. ^^It certainly has been. I'm out of town right for a few days and it's the only bag I brought with me. LOVE it!

    Fingers crossed for your job...keep us posted!
  11. Haha exactally! We think alike :smile:
  12. Many congrats!
  13. I'm wondering if anyone buys 2 sets of these, there was one with a red and yellow set and then the heart .. that would make 3 pair of earrings to mix and match Lol ... they are too cute and I love that the enamal has an outline of gold, quite divine actually.
  14. congrats! so cute!
  15. These:

    I've heard of some people buying 2 sets! Anyway congrats on the earrings and your potential new job!