My job ended my contract.

  1. When I started my job I had a yearly contract (with the stipulation the company could end it at any time.)

    They told me that because they're moving to another city and not that much work was coming in, they're going to end my contract.

    They also said they really wanted me to move to the other company, so the comfortng thing is, I'll have a contract over there.

    The new offices won't open until April or May, though. I'll be okay for money for a while, and in the meantime I can figure out a route to take to get there. I can also update my resume and apply to hospital jobs.

    I was okay for awhile. I was focusing on the fact that they like me so much they wanted me to move with them. Then I started freaking out about money, and my parents said they'll help me out when it gets to that point.

    Ugh, I'm just a big blubbering mess of emotions right now . . .
  2. Oh honey!! Sending you the most massive hug!!! ((((((((((((((((((((X:heart:X)))))))))))))))) it'll all work out in the end,it always does for lovely peeps like you!!! Much love Chaz xx:love:
  3. hugs to you! look at the bright side, at least they refer you to something else. I took a contract work back in November with a promise that it will last till May, but guess what, they ended my contract right before Xmas without no explanation (I know they can basically terminate you anytime but still...).
  4. I'm sorry. Maybe you can get a waitressing or hostessing job to tide you over in the meantime.
  5. least u'll have a job in april/may-ish, until then...maybe u could take a part-time job or a temp job or something, just to help keep u afloat till then.

    Many Hugs to u!!!
  6. ((((hugs)))) Ahh Caitlin...I'm sorry :love:
  7. Awww Caitlain, I'm sorry...where do they want you to move may be great for you! A fantastic opportunity! :supacool:

    How about school? Can you keep going from there?

    You'll do great! We'll still be here for you!:balloon:
  8. I'm Sorry Caitlin. The bright side is that they do want you at the new office and like you said you'll have some time to make sure your resume is perfect and you can also apply to other jobs. Things will work out. :flowers:
  9. Sorry to hear your situation. I contracted for 5 years and I know how stressful the ups and downs can be. But remember -- every time a door closes, a window opens. Something tells me that your new opportunity will be a great one too!
  10. Argh, darn it, Caitlin! Something like this really does throw you off-balance. Will it be a long drive or is there public transport? Toronto is such a huge area with so many adjacent towns, that traffic must be a fairly constant problem. My daughter-in-law is near the end of her pregnancy and she learned that 20 people from her division will be let go, but they don't know who! She's stressed-out, too.

    Best wishes and hugs, hon.:heart:
  11. Maybe you should collect unemployment for those months you're unemployed.
  12. Aw I'm sorry Caitlin! Big hugs to you! :flowers: On the bright side, you can relax for a bit and at least you will have a new job soon! :heart:
  13. Aww honey, I am so sorry! Gotcha in my best prayers that it'll all be okay for you.

    Keep your chin up babe, we are all pulling for you.
  14. Caitlin - {{hugs}}! You'll be fine. You are smart and resourceful, and will find something if you need to! :heart:
  15. Sorry to hear about that. Did a recruiter help you find that particular position? Can you reach out to one in your area? Also, I don't know your qualifications but my friend was recruited after adding her website to She was pretty happy with the hiring process and position.