My Jimmy Choo's have what??

  1. I decided the only logical way to take a break from my purse and clothes buying obsession was to start buying shoes :p I ordered a classic pair of black Jimmy Choo pumps and they arrived the other day!!!

    I love them, and they are just so perfect....I almost don't want to wear them..ALMOST.

    Which leads me to my question..what kind of things do you all do to keep your shoes in the best condition possible??? Anything I should do up front prior to wearing them out, and also down the line for maintenance purposes??

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Think about having a rubber sole put on the front and make sure you always stuff them with tissue when they go back in the box.

    Keep an eye on the heel tips as well and replace them once signs of heavy wear appear or the heel can split.

    Above all else..........enjoy them and don't save them for best! :smile:
  3. The advice my JC SA gave me was buff with a dry cloth. JC don't recommend any sort of leather protectant for either their shoes or their handbags.
  4. I second these!
  5. I like to put slip guard stickers under the sole of the shoe before wearing them....until i can get a rubber sole on them. :smile: