My Jimmy Choo Handbag Collection

  1. I don't think we have a thread for Jimmy Choo Bags--hopefully one day we can, but here is my small collection. My first one was the Thyme colored, then the flesh and the newest the gray!
    jimmychoogroup2.JPG jimmy choo flesh.jpg jimmy choo gray.JPG
  2. Oooh I love your collection :heart: thanks a lot for sharing :smile:
  3. Very lovely assortments!
  4. Very pretty collection. I especially like the Thyme color. Thanks for posting! :flowers:
  5. ooh... i like the flesh. its soo cute!
  6. You have a lovely collection. I especially like the grey one.
  7. I have been very lucky to purchase them all on sale. I purchased the Thyme originally at Saks full price, then saw it on eBay for much less and returned it. I also found the doctor bag on eBay, and the last one, the gray one I purchased at the Jimmy Choo Boutique in Palm Beach after Xmas, half price--only $600. I love getting deals on bags, it makes it much easier when I have to pay retail.
  8. Lovely Jimmy Choo collection!!
  9. OMG! I love that flesh color, its so creamy and beautiful! Geat collection!
  10. Great Selection

    I hope one day to own a Choo

    Thanks for posting
  11. Great collection-
  12. Gorgeous and unique ! :yes:
  13. They're all great.
  14. lovely bags. The gray one looks nice and slouchy - mine is more rigid.
  15. Beautiful classic jimmy choos.I love them all!Good score on the grey one.