My jewelry journey

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  1. When I was younger (25 years or so ago) and got my first "real" jewelry, it was yellow gold. My first major jewelery was my engagement ring at 22 and that was also yellow gold. Over the last 5 years, I've been leaning more and more toward white gold and platinum and purchasing most of my new items in these metals. It will be my 20th anniversary this year and I'm going to get my engagement ring reset in platinum. Now I am considering switching to wg and platinum entirely.
    Has anyone else retooled their whole collection and switched from yg to white/plat? Any advice for me?
  2. I haven't as when we were getting engaged the whole white gold/platinum trend had started. I have a friend who changed all her things from yellow to plat and it was kind of pricey as all new molds and setting had to be made.
  3. I think I feel the same way :smile: I was married 15 years ago and my set is YG also .... I would like to upgrade and get a new set in Platinum. I have started to mix my bracelets with both YG and WG and I bought a Tag watch in two tone :biggrin:

    My DH doesn't quite "get" this :wacko: he doesn't understand why a woman would changeher style LOL!!!!
  4. We must all be in the same approximate age-bracket.......I started out wearing solely YG but after starting to work in a jewelry store almost 10 yrs. ago crossed over to wearing all WG/PLAT. I did have my 'latest' wed ring (5 yrs ago for 15th Anniv - I'm queen of the trade-up and not very sentimental and fortunately my husband doesn't mind too much) set from WG to PLAT. I have no regrets getting rid of/selling my old YG pieces. HOWEVER, I am now going BACK to YG partially because there are so many great modern designs coming up that I really like. And yes, I drive my husband crazy!! :smile:
  5. This thread is interesting to me because at the time my mother married (over 60 years ago) her engagement/wedding band was platinum. Then back in the 70's I think all of her friends had their diamonds re-set in yellow gold (modernistic or wedding band/engagement combo) This trend held for many years. I copied my mother since I was basically traditional. I have collected so many pieces of jewelry mostly all in yellow gold. i don't wear any of them anymore except for my original diamonds frm my engagement ring that was reset in yellow gold from a setting of my father's.
    Now, any jewelry I get will only be in platinum or 18K white gold.
    I really can't say why - but at my age I guess I feel it will be more timeless and classic if that makes sense???

  6. I feel very old.:biggrin:
  7. LOL!! Last night I was discussing this with my DH when he was asking what I wanted for the big 20th. I told him I wanted my ring reset and he was very cool with it. Then I told him that I though I wanted to go all wg/platinum and he just couldn't imagine why. His response: "What is the difference if it is white or yellow? Is anyone really going to notice that?" :biggrin:

  8. If I switch over to platinum and then decide that I want to go back to yellow gold, my DH will have a stroke! I definitely wouldn't put it past me though. :nuts:
  9. Me too!!! I missed Swanky's comment and I apologize, I don't think you're even near my age bracket.:biggrin:
  10. LOL!! I think I have you by a couple of years.

    It is funny how you can tell how old someone is by their jewelry collection.:P
  11. Well for one, YOU would notice it. It will make a difference and I do think a white metal, whether WG or PLAT, will make your diamond(s) look different. If you are not totally dismantling your current ring, you COULD always go back to it. I think mixing metals looks good and allows you so many more choices (of purchases).:smile:
  12. ^^absolutely. Maybe I'll sell most of my yellow gold (it generally is just sitting in the jewelry box) but keep a few key peices so that I can mix and match.
    The only things that I can see me wearing is my grandmothers wedding band, a custom made gold bangle and one of my necklaces.
    I actually have a name necklace ala Carrie Bradshaw that was in style before SATC brought it back...I have to keep that for the laughs.
  13. I was married 13 years ago, and although the white metal trend had started, I chose yellow gold. For a while after that I jumped on the bandwagon and went with white gold, but realized pretty quickly that it wasn't as flattering on my skin tone. So almost all of the new jewelry I buy or my dh buys for me is yellow gold.

    It is funny when a person goes into a jewelry store and asks about yellow gold, because there is usually such a limited selection. So many jewelers are quick to say that yellow gold will be "coming back" in the next two to three years. But they have been saying that for the last 10 years! A person really needs to go through a trusted, local jeweler or buy online for more generic pieces in order to find higher quality 18K, 20K or 22K gold (I don't generally buy 24, as it is quite soft).

    Both white metals and yellow gold are beautiful; I think it is more about flattering the individual than being on trend. Yellow gold has been the "gold standard" for millenia; a few decades of being out of favor won't change the fact that it is and always has been classic.
  14. ^^LOL! You already gave me a good laugh this evening - Thank You!! The name necklace could make a come-back.:biggrin:
  15. You are absolutely right - my daughter, 15 yrs old, skintone looks so much better with YG than WG. And she prefers the YG. I have a darker complexion and can wear both. :biggrin: