My Jewelry Arrived....

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  1. Kinda disappointed. The jewelry items looked much better in the catalog. I do have to say that the striped legacy bracelet is VERY nice - that one is a keeper. I ordered it in the 1" size. I also ordered the gold on gold 1/2" signature bracelet - going back -looks kinda blah/flat, the 3/4" green/gold signature bracelet - nothing special in person - going back, and the gold/gold small hoop earrings about 1" hoops, I would say and they are goind back too - they look flat/dull, nothing special.

    Again, I have to say that the striped bracelet is beautiful. With all its pretty legacy colors, it will go with lots of stuff.
  2. thanks for sharing - it's good to know what looks good before ordering - can you post pics????
  3. I'm sorry you are dissapointed, I am slightly of my clutch, but I love the back of it, so I'll keep it and just carry it backwards LOL. Even with my wristlet, the suede number, I'm returning that too. And of course the one wristlet I'm DYING for was recalled..oyy. But good news to our wallets! I'm thinking about the boyfriend necklace..
  4. Which one was recalled? I managed to get two striped wristlets early that I've not seen anywhere - I got a round shaped one with zipper on the outside and framed closure and the framed fold-over striped. Are either of those recalled and why?
  5. I love my bracelet...but I went silver....i'm not a gold fan....
  6. The striped framed fold over was taken from all stores and sent back to jax for more testing but it will more than likely not be put out in stores again.

  7. :sad:
    guess i won't be calling you for that one...
  8. Thanks for sharing, i was about to order but now i am having second thoughts. Im glad you like your striped one.
  9. I'll bet it's because it is very difficult to snap shut. It's either not lined up right or the snap itself is too small. Well, I can still work it, so it doesn't bother me. Just glad I got one before they disappeared!
  10. Can someone tell me if that is real gold? It seems awful cheap for the real thing.
  11. it's brass and then gold plated.
  12. I love their jewelry from the pics but probably won't be getting any. I have too much jewelry as is already!
  13. ^^Lucky!!
  14. You reminded me to check my box. I just opened it - had the scarves, the charms & no jewelry. I paid for jewelry, it's on the shipping confirmation, not on the packing slips. I just called Coach to find out where's my jewelry. I paid for it!!!
  15. ^^Thats horrible! I hope they give you compensation for that!!