My Jersey Gardens bargain shopping adventure!

  1. So this weekend, my roommate has a friend visiting who is staying with us so she asked me to drive to Jersey Gardens to go shopping-- I thought, well yeah, a shirt or something just so I don't go home empty-handed but whoa?! I came home with with bags and bags (yeah, like this is not what ALWAYS happens) of GREAT BARGAINS!

    I got (and a tip to those who may be interested to check out the deals there):

    Ann Taylor Cardigans (56% silk!) in Cream, Black & Brown - $24.99 each (Ret. $78)
    Banana Republic embroidered skirt - $27 (40% off clearance; Ret $89)
    BCBG MaxAzria Cropped Jacket - $19.99 (at Daffy's 35% off clearance, Ret $236)
    Kenneth Cole NY Silk Blouse - $10 (50% off clearance at the outlet store; Ret $128)
    Kennetch Cole NY Ruched Wool Dress - $9.98 (50% off clearance; Ret $78)
    Theory Nude Stretch Camisole - $8.99 (Saks Off 5th final cut; Ret $90)
    Bailey 44 Black Cropped Shrug - $18 (Neiman's Last Call; Ret $86)

    I spent a total of $168.93 for $941 worth of clothes-- that's 83% off! This has got to be the best "bargain" shopping trip I've gone on! If you are in Jersey, the sales going on at the Jersey Gardens are worth the trip!:tup:
  2. awesome deals! i've recently been to Jersey Gardens as well, and it's quite nice to see all the "surprise" deals! My problem is that I always leave with "too many" pairs of shoes!
  3. Soo many deals...lucky you! I'm sure we'd all love to see pics of these great bargains....when I'm in Jersey, I'll have to make sure to stop by!
  4. WOW!! Congratulations!! I sure love a good deal, and I don't think I've ever seen one as good as the one you got!
  5. congratulations!

    when i'm in jersey, i love going to the off 5th. there are always tonnes and tonnes of coupons (25% entire purchase, etc.) and if you go to guest services, they give you a coupon book too!

    last time i went, i got a pair of fendi sunglasses (60 bucks) and my mom got a cynthia rowley handbag for like $200 maybe?

    it's an awesome place to visit, and a lot of tour buses do like one day trips there so you sleep on the bus friday night, get there saturday morning and shop all day, then sleep on the bus saturday night and come home sunday. it's a shopaholics dream trip !
  6. haha me too. my excuse is always-but if they were my size and in sale then i had too have them. but really its only a bargain if you love them and wear them.

    congrats on the great haul.
  7. Congrats !! You did great !! I don't go often as that drive has to be the uugliest part of Jersey (the part people think of when you say New Jersey, and they don't know about all the awesomely gorgeous parts of the state). But last time I went I nabbed some Prada sequin shoes I'd lusted over, a bunch of Tahari for a song, and a corsage color burst of Hanky Pankys. Stopped short on a Paul Smith bag that was tres fun but still pricey at 400.
  8. Congrats! I miss being near Jersey Gardens. Even if there weren't outrageous deals, the H&M is rarely that crowded.
  9. Super deals. I loved JG when I lived in NJ. The Saks and NM outlets are awesome and all in one place. Is there still no sales tax on clothing and only 3% for everything else? I love that about NJ, no sales tax on clothes. That was another added bonus. I miss shopping in NJ!