my jenny yuen bags

  1. I'm pretty satisfied with the fast shipping and service from georgia @ jenny yuen. the pink lining of the bags are super cute and the leather is quite soft, like my medium bulga butterfly hobo. =)

    i was afraid the sherlock would be too big, but it is a nice smaller bag. (however now i wish i purchased the esme and some other bags as well)
    dustbag.jpg clutch1.jpg clutch2.jpg gatsby1.jpg gatsby2.jpg
  2. Cute bags!!! I really wish that I would have ordered one when they were on sale.
  3. Looks great! I love my Sherlock too :heart:
  4. Gorgeous bags!
  5. Thanks for the modeling pictures, those look great. And I love your red patent shoes!
  6. so cute!! i'm jealous!
  7. These bags are so cute! Thanks for the modeling pics too.
  8. That's the Sherlock in chocolate with pink stitching? Gorgeous!

  9. oooh i LOVE the sapphire Cleo. such a beautiful color! congrats on your great picks!
  10. cleo - the bright shot of color goes so well the clutch style, really nice balance with the bright patent shoes!

    sherlock - love the size on you, looks like you were born to carry that style!

    now i want them too!
  11. Ooh cute! Must go google her...!
  12. Very very cute. Thanks for sharing