My Jeans Moyen Blue came *pic*

  1. [​IMG]

    LAHVE IT.:heart::love:

    OH, and I bought an LV speedy as well.
  2. Oh well, what a beautiful colour! Enjoy her.
  3. Oh I love jeans moyen! Congrats :smile:
  4. Beautiful! Enjoy her!
  5. Great color! Enjoy!
  6. I love the Jeans Moyen!! Enjoy her!
  7. Im so jealous:s

    where did you get it from?
  8. Wow, your JM is stunning!
  9. gorgeous, love it!!
  10. thanks everyone! These are actually my FIRST designer bags.

    The paddy's from eBay; 2starsonmyback was selling it
  11. oh i thought about buying this bag!
    looks in fantastic condition!
    well done!
  12. That's a gorgeous color! Congrats!
  13. I think she's a tpf member too:yes:!! Congrats on a fabulous bag:woohoo:! Very pretty color, enjoy:tup:.
  14. WOW - that is an incredible color! Good job on your first Paddy!!!
  15. Perfect color for Summer. BTW great clutch of purses representing your first!!