My Jaune D'or Work from AR....

  1. :rolleyes:...Luv the color....solid, non veiny. Luv the outer packing...its like a gift...nice presentation. the white box is covered by plastic and the upper box lid is wrapped by AR white tissue with skull design. The interior packing is another story. I am so much used with BalNY where the bag is surrounded by lots of stabilize position of the bag and avoid being squish.

    2 day air delivery is fast compare to BalNY's ground shipping.

    No pics yet. camera is out of battery and I have to wait for dh to charge it...I dont know where the charger is:push: Ive tried putting my laptop inside (the reason I ordered this bag)...the hardcase wont fit in the opening. I think, I have to get a laptop neoporene case in order for it to fit.

    I dunno...I have a tendency to be subjective when something dissapoints me :supacool:
  2. congrats on your work! Are you disappointed bec. the computer won't fit in your bag? or are there other reasons, too?

    Well, the leather sounds luscious! And when I saw this color IRL, I was amazed!
  3. I'm sorry to hear you aren't thrilled (I know the feeling).

    I put my macbookpro in my Work bags without benefit of sleeves, but then I don't carry them far either.

    Good luck!!! :flowers:
  4. Congrats~ Can't Wait To See Pics~
  5. Pics please!
  6. Can't wait to see pics, congrats!
  7. N Bagdizzy! I'm so excited that you went with the Jaune / Marigold Work! Can't wait to see your pics!

    Shhh! I got something this morning, will post pics tomorrow morning.
  8. oh cant wait to see pics!!!
  9. I'm sorry your laptop won't fit into your Work with your laptop cover! I use a neoprene one and I feel it handles the shocks of work commute quite well! I'd hate to hear that you don't love your gorgeous Work because your laptop doesn't fit! I hope everything works out for you and that we get to see pics soon! Congrats!
  10. I know it must be beautiful!!!!!!!!!! congrats.
  11. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics.
  12. Pics please... pics pics pics!! :smile:
  13. CONGRATS on the new bag!

    cant wait for pics!!
  14. Ooh, I can't wait for pics ...
  15. Here are the pics. I really need your honest to goodness opinion....I felt that the bag was not appropriately packed. When I opened the box...not enough tissues and it was badly squished to right corner of the box.
    Further inspection of the pics shows so much lines/squished too hard at right portion of the bag...I am afraid it will result to immediate leather peeling.

    Or, its just natural for the motorcycle line? Ive checked other pics of jaune ICB's et al...their's is not this wrinkled:push:

    Pls Help...appreciate your expert feedback. TIA:heart:
    Work1.jpg Work2.jpg Work3.jpg Work4.jpg